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10 Essential Considerations Before Getting Your Windows Replaced



Here are 10 basic considerations before replacing windows.

1. Do you have to do the work yourself or hire a professional?

It would help if you decided whether to do the work yourself or hire it to a professional. If you know that there are many more YouTube videos out there to help you learn how to do your job, you can choose to do that.

2. Determine the design of the Windows is installed.

There are multiple window designs available, and you will also need to conclude the design that will be used for the new window.

3. Find out the installation cost of the design you choose

When you determine the design to match your window, determine the cost of installing it in your home. This includes buying windows and paying for the services of professional installers.

4. Make sure windows are durable and of high quality

It would help if you made sure that the windows you want to buy are of high quality to ensure that they can be used for a long time so that you save the extra cost of replacing windows in a short time.

5. You can consult an expert

If you don’t know what to look for in a good window, you can enlist the help of industry experts to help provide you with the information you need for better decisions.

6. Is the material environmentally friendly?

You also need to ensure that the materials used to make the windows are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled.

7. Also note the warranty.

Before paying on a window frame, you should also consider whether the product is under warranty. Products with a warranty period are preferred because they can ensure that if you are not satisfied after installing the windows, you are getting good value for money.

8. Check that they are energy efficient.

It would help if you made sure that the window you get supports your location. For example, if you are in a sunny and warm climate, you should consider installing heat-reflective glasses to absorb the sun’s heat and keep your home warm.

9. You must determine how long the window will last.

Most people will either replace windows to spice up their homes or switch to more energy-efficient methods. Remember, if you’re looking to sell your home shortly, vinyl windows can increase your home’s resale value.

10. Finally, make sure you enjoy the whole process

Whether you choose to do this job yourself or not, don’t be happy because you don’t enjoy it as replacing the windows is a great experience for everyone in your house.

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“You underestimated Imole’s glory” – Yvonne Jegede mocks Naira Marley, Sam Larry over crowd at Mohbad’s candlelight procession



Yvonne Jegede Mocks Naira Marley and Samlarry

Naira Marley and his assistant Sam Larry have been under fire from Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede for undervaluing his former signee Mohbad.

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Last night, a large number of young people attended a candlelight vigil in honor of the late singer.

Yvonne shared video excerpts from the touching event and scolded Naira and his crew for underestimating Mohbad. They treated him like an ant that they could easily smash, she noticed.

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Yvonne claims that Naira Marley overestimated his abilities and hasn’t yet seen anything.

“Sam Larry, you underestimated Imole’s glory, e shock you Abi? You thought he was an any that you could squash?

You never see anything at all. Naira Marley, you overestimated yourself, take a look at DJ Splash’s present condition.

How intoxicated did you get with power and money to subject people’s children to such?”.

Yvonne Mocks Naira Marley and Samlarry

Yvonne IG post

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Celebrities Gist

Why I won’t open up about my pain online – Korede Bello



Why I won’t open up about my pain online – Korede Bello

Popular musician Korede Bello has explained why he won’t be posting his pain for his fans to see online.

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In response to concerns concerning his well-being from worried fans who asked whether he’s okay after hearing his new song, the “Godwin” crooner stated this.

The fan identified as Olaoye said; “I hope Korede Bello is fine. Man spoke his mind in the song jejely ft Mr. Eazi”.

Korede Bello responded by stating that he is alright but will not talk about his pain since he does not want people to use it as entertainment.

This occurs in the wake of the reactions to the unrecognized agony of singer Mohbad, who passed away.

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Korede Bello wrote:

I am well, but even if I am not, I will not be on the Internet talking about it because I wouldn’t want people to consume my pain as entertainment.
Beauty & Bliss,
Thank you 💌”

see screenshot:

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Nosa Rex acquires multimillion Naira mansion



Popular Nollywood actor, Nosa Rex, leaves the jaws of many dropped as he unveils his multimillion naira palatial house.

This announcement came after the actor marked his 7th wedding anniversary with stylish pictures alongside his beautiful wife.

Taking to Instagram to show off the massive structure, Nosa Rex gives credit to his creator who made the gift of home possible.

Sharing a photo of the duplex, the thespian captioned it, Lord I am grateful 🙏. 🏠.”

Fans and well-wishers showered him with tons of good wishes and tidings on the newly acquired property.

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