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Gorg kids Agency is a global online model agency, kids blogger, management, publisher representing children from newborn to 16 years old with a medley of all ethnicity’s and capabilities.

We over your child the opportunity to fulfill their dream of modeling we train your child and give your child the chance to introduce them online to reputable clients worldwide and also to be discovered.

Gorg Kids Agency

Style & Quality

We represent a diverse range of children of all ages and from all ethnic backgrounds. There are no stereotype profile for a child model as they all have their own charm and qualities.

We are new growing and expanding nationwide and are currently looking for new talent to add to our books.

Gorg Kids AgencyNo experience is required, just a friendly confident manner. Children will need to be at ease in front of camera and happy to take direction when required, we will guide you through the whole process.


Here at Gorg Kids Agency we always have a professional, approachable and friendly feel. We love seeing our kids grow and progress through their time with us.

Gorg Kids Agency

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Gorg Kids Agency

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.



Gorg kids Agency is a global online model agency, kids blogger, management, publisher representing children from newborn to 16 years old with a medley of all ethnicity’s and capabilities.

Meet the Face of Gorgkids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.
Kore Adalynn was born on Dec. 2nd, 2020 in Ondo State Nigeria, She is 2 Months old. She was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Akinnusi

Read her birth story below

A week after our wedding, I told my wife to go stay with my parents because of her condition, plus I’m not always at home to look after her, so I told her to go stay with my people. A bit far from our place. Even before wedding, the bond that has been created between her, my mum and my three immediate younger sisters doesn’t have an explanation. I was rest assured she will be fine there. I go there to check on her almost everyday though.

I registered her with 5 Pregnant women centers. 2 hospitals – Mother and Child Hospital and one private hospital (Alex Hospital), One church (CAC), one private nurse (in case of emergency) and KÁSỌ̀ LÁYỌ̀ – The Pregnant Women Initiative by Hon. Biola Makinde and Dr. Rhoda Makinde Initiative (HAMDROMI).

NOV. 25th,

I was having malaria before then, they said I have not been eating good foods recently, so she came home to prepare some soups for me and to spend some time with her husband. She came Nov. 23rd and planned on going back to my parent’s place on the 25th.
On the 25th, she went for her church programme, the pregnant women programme in the CAC church, from there back to my parents place. That was the plan, but I came back from office that day and met her at home again. She said she wanted to stay with me for two or three more days. Okay..

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.

Kore’s Mum

That night, she was in the kitchen making tea and frying puff-puff when the first drama started. We had to rush her to Mother and Child Hospital around 09:30pm, thanks to AB Abubakar (DROMI Pilot) who speedily drove down to my place with one of our office vehicles to help convey her to the hospital. One funny thing, My Wife insisted she wanted to put on her KÁSỌ̀ LÁYỌ̀ shirt that was given to them during the pregnant women Initiative by HAMDROMI owing to the fact that all women that came to the KÁSỌ̀ LÁYỌ̀ programme always deliver safely. She has invested so much faith in it. We got there and the Nurse on Duty happens to be a Facebook friend. A silent follower though. Immediately she saw us and addressed my wife as “Mama Shindara”, I know it is surely from Facebook. Nurse PE LU MI. Thanks so much. Thanks for the hospitality and calmness. She attended to us in a very swift and polite way.
After checking my wife, she asked us to go back home that it is not yet time. So, I returned her back to my parent’s place that night. It is more close to the hospital.

3 days later,
Saturday (28th Nov. 2020).

This day was one of the scary days I will never forget in my life.
In this my new apartment here, I always wake up around 3am. It has become a norm for me. So immediately I woke up that Saturday around 3am as usual, I went straight to the laptop to get some things done. I think I was working on DROMI ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH results preparation or something. Around 6:10am, I noticed something was coming out of my nostrils, I first thought it was water, maybe from the catarrh I had few days before that day. I was expecting it to stop, it didn’t stop. So I had to put on the lights. I saw blood everywhere. Blood was gushing out of my nostrils and later from my mouth.
I went to the kitchen and poured water, it didn’t stop.
So I have to rush out and knock my neighbour’s door, the second apartment.
Mr. Charles and my Landlord’s driver rushed me to General hospital immediately and started making calls to my people. I was loosing too much blood and feeling very unconscious. I got to the general hospital and they were very sluggish and delaying. So they rushed me down to my private nurse, she gave me some injections and the bleeding stopped a bit. I went to my parents place. As I was stepping into my Dad’s house like this, the blood started flowing again. Uncontrollably this time, from my nostrils and mouth. People gathered. My wife, my mum and my other siblings were already crying. My wife was crying with my baby kicking her in the belly.

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.

Kore’s Dad

I cried as they rushed me to Mercyland Doyin Hospital , I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I was crying because I wasn’t going to see my baby. I cried for so many reasons. We got there and they said the doctor was not on seat. They quickly rushed me down to Ade-Olotu where I was admitted immediately and was taking drips. My families, friends and DROMI staff were there. I was one leg between life and death. My wife was crying heavily and I had to be strong for her.

After some hours, the bleeding stopped and I was discharged. I got home and I was getting better. One of our office Doctors, Dr. Ajibola came around and took me to Ondo Trauma Centre for some tests and other treatments too.
Around 6pm, I was getting more strong. I even had a vigil with my wife that same night.
The next day, a Sunday. I went to church and even did the sermon. When I shared the testimony in church, they were all surprised. Like I was on the hospital bed yesterday and holding a mic in church the next day?. I even attended the Mr. & Miss Ondo State event in Akure with the DROMI team that same day.
Miracle, yeah?

Away from that,

When I was in Akure on Nov. 29th. That night my wife was rushed to Mother and Child Hospital.
I want to sincerely appreciate Nurse PE LU MI and Dr. Ajibola (HAMDROMI KÁSỌ̀ LÁYỌ̀) for their free medical advice. Although Nurse Pelumi was on leave, but yet she was 24/7 on WhatsApp with my wife checking progress and giving advice. Dr. Ajibola too wasn’t tired of my phone calls. As6I got back to Ondo around 8.30pm and rushed down to the hospital, she has been admitted in the antenatal ward. From Sunday till yesterday before she was moved to the Labour room.
Before yesterday, we were already discussing CS when the whole process was taking too long. But God said No..
I woke up and dressed for office to get one or two things done before I head to the hospital. I didn’t want to show up at first. I was only expecting the good news via a phone call and I was checking my phone from time to time. No news. I put calls through to My mum and Mother In Law from time to time, no good news yet.
I couldn’t stand it so I got there and they didn’t allow me to see her, look at the way I was moving up and down the corridors of the hospital. If you’ve been to Mother and Child Hospital Ondo before, you will know how long the corridor is.

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.

Truthfully speaking, you see all those scenes in Nollywood movies that the husband will be moving up and down the labour ward with a worried face any time the wife is in labour, I have always thought they are just movies or dramas… Ah! Omo.. Jokes apart, no be lie o.. Those scenes are real, guyyyyyyyy!

I was just moving to and fro in the corridor as if I lost something, they told me my wife has been in the labour room since 6am. She was the only one in the labour room, other women has delivered their babies. Ha!

I was on the phone with Dr. Ajibola every minute, he later came around and I was allowed to follow him into the labour room. I saw my wife. She was in pain, I prayed with her, gave her and my incoming baby a kiss before the nurses told me to go out. That was around 4pm.

Around 6pm, the nurse told me to go get one pant of blood at the lab within one hour. I rushed there. Myself, my immediate younger sister and her fiance. We went to pay twice at the Trauma pay point, running here and there. See the way I was running from Mother and Child to Trauma centre within minutes.. Omo! The nurse in charge was even using us to take selfies, emergency case o. I have to challenge them and threaten to call one of their bosses before she took me serious. They asked us to donate blood and they said I can’t donate because I was just recovering from the nose bleeding stuff. My immediate sister volunteered to donate and they were about starting when a phone call entered from my mother in law, she said “Ọkọ mi… A ti bímọ oooo”

See the way we rushed out of the lab back to the labour room. Guyyyyy! Usain Bolt got nothing on us..
Since 06:00am till 06:44pm.

People, I came in to see my baby and wife ALIVE! 02. Dec. 2020 – [18 : 44]

Beautiful Bouncing Baby Girl!

Face Of Gorg Kids -Kore Adalynn Akinnusi.

Her name “Shindara” has unofficially been on the internet for the past 6 years even before her arrival.
Kore, Adalynn, Omowunmi, Rhoda, Shiloh, Oluwashinaayomi were given by World people on her arrival.”

FB : Shindara Kore Adalynn
IG : @shindalynn
Twitter @KoreAdalynn

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