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Nicolas Cage ties the knot with his 26 years old Japanese girlfriend



The American  actor and filmmaker, Nicolas Cage has tied the knot for the fifth time to 26-year-old Japanese girlfriend Riko Shibata in a Las Vegas ceremony which was attended by his ex-wife and son .

The Oscar winning actor, 56, married Riko in an ‘intimate’ wedding at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Sin City back on February 16.

Main looking at the pictures The bride wore a black handmade Japanese Bridal Kimono from Kyoto and held a bouquet of yellow and red roses. While, Cage wore a black Tom Ford Tuxedo complete with a yellow rose buttonhole to match Riko’s bouquet.

Nicolas cage

Riko walked down the aisle to her favorite song Winter Song by Kiroro before they exchanged traditional Catholic and Shinto vows with poetry from Walt Whitman and Haiku ‘sprinkled in’, a rep for Cage

Cage, whose fourth marriage to Erika Koike ended after just four days back in 2019, confirmed the wedding on Friday March 5, and said the couple were enjoying newly-wedded bliss.

“It’s true and we’re very happy” cage told

After the wedding, the bride and groom, who met in Japan, over a year ago, reportedly held a small celebration attended by Cage’s third wife Alice Kim and their son Kal.

A state of Nevada marriage certificate shows Riko has taken Cage’s name and is now known as Riko Cage. She is 30 years younger than Cage and four years younger than his first son Weston Cage.

Official documents show that Cage and Riko applied for their wedding license on January 10 – the day of Riko’s 26th birthday.

Cage announced their engagement in an interview with his brother Marc Coppola’s radio show back in August.

He said at the time: ‘She left New York and went back to Kyoto, Japan, and I went back to Nevada and I haven’t seen her for 6 months.

‘We’re really happy together and we’re really excited to spend that time together so I finally just said ”Look, I wanna marry you” and we got engaged on FaceTime.

‘I got her a black diamond engagement ring.

‘Her favorite color is black so she wanted the black gold, and the black diamond.

‘I customized and personalized it and I actually sent it to her FedEx.’

Nicolas cage

The wedding came less than two years since Cage requested an annulment four days after his fourth marriage to Erika Koike on March 23, 2019.

He married first wife Patricia Arquette in April 1995 and the couple divorced in May 2001.

His second marriage was to Elvis Presley’s only daughter Lisa Marie Presley. The two tied the knot during a secret ceremony in Hawaii in August 2002 on the 25th anniversary of Elvis’s death.

Cage married third wife Alice Kim in July 2004 after meeting her while she worked as a waitress in a Los Angeles restaurant. The couple had son Kal-El in October 2005 and announced they had separated in 2016 after it was revealed that Kim had been cheating on Cage with a Las Vegas bartender.

Nicolas cage also has adult son Weston Cage, 30, from his relationship with actress Christina Fulton.

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Amid uproar for justice, voicenote of alleged eyewitness at hospital surfaces



Eyewitness makes confession about Mohbad's Death

An unexpected confession has been made by a supposed eyewitness who claimed to have been present at the hospital where Mohbad was transported.

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The putative witness, who was in the lobby, asserted that Mohbad was fully conscious when he and his pals arrived at the hospital.

Mohbad maintained his humble nature despite being ill and even posed for a photo with the witness.

However, around thirty minutes later, the nurses and other people in the room where Mohbad had been admitted suddenly became quite active.

Given that Mohbad was shirtless when his companion quickly removed his “lifeless” body from the hospital, the witness thought it was odd.

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The eyewitness went on to say that when they asked a nurse what was going on, she told them that Mohbad had just received an injection and had fainted.

Mohbad’s associates had already fled with his body before they had a chance to react.

In his words: “I was at the hospital that morning when Mohbad arrived. He came in with that same guy that was shouting in a video that Mohbad is dead. I even took a picture with him because I was happy to see him. After the picture he went inside.

“All of a sudden the nurses were just working around, they were trying to make calls. Then I asked one of the nurses that earlier talked to me what was going on. She said they gave Mohbad an Injection and he collapsed. Before I knew what was going on, the same young man that came with him left with his body and Mohbad was shirtless when they left.”

Many people were perplexed by the abrupt departure and inquired as to why they did not give medical personnel more time to try to save him.

Since then, internet users have weighed in on the debate, saying that Mohbad may have merely been unconscious when he was declared dead.

Reacting where:

@mz_barbss reacted: “Why didn’t you speak up on that day? Even if you have to do it anonymously.. At least, you would have created awareness and the burial would have been stopped… His father in question seems like he was anticipating the death.. Haba! Two seconds, undersized coffin, broken neck, cemented grave!”

@obaksolo said: “All this informations just flying on Blogs that can be useful. It’s sad that some people are legit not looking for #justiceformohbad stop giving blogs. Send to the police or team in charge.”

@zinnysugar reacted: “This whole gist is running me mad! Mohbad was buried alive, he probably regained consciousness in his grave, struggled, but there was nobody to help him out. God please! I can’t even begin to imagine this whole thing. They said they were gona exhume his body, I had hopes that he might probably still be alive.
But it’s 8 whole days.”

@himynamesmaris reacted: “How did someone collapse in the hospital and the next step is to rush him out of there, like rush him out of the hospital to where exactly? Everything about his death is shady.”

@holluwaniphemmie reacted: “Omooooo people plenty where then go pack ooo obviously the guy just passed out and he pronounced him dead, why the papa want bury am for midnight why? Chai.”

@sandra odia said: “At this point, why the name of the hospital never dey trend already we need names abeg.”

@shakar_el said: “Which doctor confirmed him dead before they rushed to bury him??”

@chisom_nathan reacted: “It will totally break me if the autopsy result shows that he was buried alive.”

@_jacksonshirley commented: “So why didn’t they keep him in the hospital till he regained consciousness.”

Watch the video below:

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“He told me he wasn’t dead” – Man who dreamt about Mohbad recounts (video)



Mohbad Told A Man He isn't Dead

An unfortunate dream about the late Nigerian singer Mohbad Imole was shared by a Nigerian man.

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He said that the late artist did not pass away naturally in a video that was broadcast online. He said that Mohbad was still alive when he was laid to rest.

Liam, the singer’s son, will perform “wonders” before turning three, he continued.

When people said they had a dream about Mohbad, I didn’t believe them. He has finally appeared; he said you should hold his father well.

He said he wasn’t dead when he was buried, he was only in a dream state and on a journey to save others in bondage only to be killed before I woke up.

“He is a messenger who has passed his messages through his song and he left a piece of him by giving birth to himself in his son.

Note my words, before that boy becomes three years old, he’d start to perform wonder.”

Netizens Reactions….

Jezhi_yaks said: “Abeg from now anybody ma wan talk, make use English abeg, this case now na National issue no be tribal case abeg.”

Qudee_vybz commented: “I swear, even me I dey see am. His head is too strong.”

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Official_glory_gee said: “Let me explain to you guys. He said imole daddy should be held responsible that his father no much about the death of his son and again Imole is God sent and also Imole son we replace imole very soon.”

Qudee_vybz added: “You don’t bury someone alive. They must come back for you.”

Watch below:


♬ original sound – Ideraanobi

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Hilda Baci acquires new Range Rover as birthday gift to herself



As a birthday present for herself, renowned Nigerian chef Hilda Baci spent millions of naira on a brand-new Range Rover.

Hilda Baci Birthday

Hilda Baci Birthday

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On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, the person who has held the Guinness World Record for the longest time frame of time spent cooking turned 28 and celebrated with beautiful images.

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She bought a brand-new Range Rover as a birthday present for herself, spending millions of naira to recognize and make this year’s celebration grand.

Hilda Baci Birthday

Hilda Baci Birthday

Social media users have seen pictures of the celebrant next to her pricey new automobile, in which she is seen standing.

For her birthday, she had also gotten a lot of gift bags and boxes from followers and friends.

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