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Prophet Genesis Saga The True Story



The True Account of What Exactly Happened Between Prophet Israel Ogundipe and Mrs Laide Williams

First of all, I will advise that you take your time to read this report very well with full attention. My intention here is to tell the story that many people are not aware of due to the side that was initially super imposed on the general public.


This whole incidence happened around 2007 thereabout. Prophet Israel was a young boy in his twenties doing ministry in the celestial church. This was a young man from an extremely poor family who didn’t know what the future holds for him. Laide Williams who was in her thirties was living in the UK and heard of this young prophet in Nigeria who had the gift of spiritual insight. She came to Nigeria to see him, and he prayed for her. She got back to the UK and had tremendous Testimonies as regards the things she came to see him for.

Meanwhile, she was married in the UK. She maintained close communication with the young prophet, and gradually she started telling him about how she has falling in love with him and also how she caught her husband red handed sleeping with another woman. She continued the pressure for love from this young guy who also had reasons to see her as a life saver who could take him and his family out of poverty and penury. His intension too was to find a way of leaving Nigeria to UK so that he can also become somebody. Israel Oladele didn’t have an idea of what God had in stock for him. He never believed that he could ever be this great. They started their love life and they were in a relationship that was not in any way a secret relationship. They rented an apartment around Jaffa where they both lived with her sister and Israel Oladele’s sister. Mrs Laide Williams was not only a lover to Israel Oladele, she also gradually became the “Bestie” of his mum (Mama Dorcas Ogundipe). No doubt, she did a whole lot of things to support this young lover of hers whom she believed so much in his giftings. During one of the church Harvest, Dr Yinka Ayefele was the musician invited to sing. Mrs Laide single handedly sprayed #500,000 to Yinka Ayefele. This got her lover ( Israel Oladele ) very angry, he felt that was wastage and it wasn’t good for the future they were building together. He advised her to put money into landed properties and she agreed. She sent money to him and they got the first landed property which was a 3plots of land. They started work on the land, and Israel Oladele’s mum was the one helping her to supervise the construction process. Later they bought two other properties and things continued fine. She came to Nigeria and was staying again at the house they rented in jaffa, and on a faithful day she was having her bath and her phone was with her fiance (Dele Ogundipe), a message dropped on her phone and lo and behold it was a message from her husband who was complaining of how she abandoned him and came to Nigeria. Immediately this young man saw this message, he called her attention to it by saying ” I thought you said you guys were divorced?”


Immediately, Dele said he was uncomfortable with the relationship. One thing led to the other, and they brokeup. She went back to the UK and life went on. After a while, she sent some baby’s pictures to her Besty(Genesis mum) and she told her she has a baby for her son. Let’s leave the baby’s story for now and move on to what next. Few years later, Dele Ogundipe moved on and got Married to Bimbo in a very elaborate societal wedding. Less I forget, Laide had already been handed over the documents of two of the landed properties that was purchased for her(which all carried her name). The third property was the one that had a little issue then between olusho Dele Ogundipe and the Oba Lambe in jankara area. When Laide discovered with video evidences from her informants that Dele Ogundipe got married, she wrote a petition against him to the special Anti robbery squad claiming that he had guns in his house and so on and so forth. The police visited his residence and couldn’t find anything incriminating against him, and he was released. In a bid to fulfill her threat of bringing him down, she went again to do a petition against him at the Special frauds Unit of the police. They picked him up again, and during interrogation, they asked her what happened and she said.

1. He is owing me the money I used to roof his Parent

2. He is owing me the money I spent when his son was sick

3. He is owing me the money I used to fix his car

4. He is owing me the money I used in buying him Ralph laurel T-shirt

5. He is owing me the money I used in supporting the purchase of the land where his church is now.

At the long run, a total was made and was agreed on that he should pay her Two million naira. Dele promised to pay her but that he cannot afford that can of money at the moment. In her bid to take revenge, she felt very unsatisfied with that agreement and looked for a better way to use influence to make the case more complicated. He was later picked up again and was giving a kangaroo arraignment in court which the judge kicked against. Let me cut this story short, Olusho Dele Ogundipe landed in kirikiri where he spent close to a month. As if that was not enough, the case grew and became much more complicated. The lady in question denied that they ever had a relationship,that they where never at close range. But you can see from the pictures posted below. In fact for privacy reasons I won’t post the baby’s picture, but for anyone who knows how Genesis children look alike, you won’t doubt the fact that he owns that child.

Court case continued for over 11yrs, meanwhile the case in question lacks jurisdiction because the said incidence happened in Ogun state, and because the lady in question has the powers that be in her hands, the case was treated in Lagos state. That aside, attached to this post was the recommendations giving to the court by the police based on their investigations.


It was also made clear by the judge that the allegations of stealing, fraud an forgery lack evidences to back up the claim. But before I forget, during the cause of the case, the innocent young man was made to write an undertaking that he will pay 8.5million to the lady which he write and was willing to pay just to get the issue done with. Over the years, several attempts have been made to settle the case out of court, but was denied by the prosecutor. Obviously it was not about the money but a bid to take revenge. We are not surprised, that’s what u get from a bittered woman.

How can u explain how a baseless case of love gone bad became a 7 counts charge. In my opinion, the judge was fair enough to have removed the irrelevant counts in the case. The money he is asked to pay by the court is 11million


1. The 8.5m that he was forced to write in undertaking when he was younger


2. The 2.5m that she said was for the third landed property that she said the document was not perfected.


In case you don’t know, the said land is still available, safe and well protected in case you want to see.


I think this should be able to put some light into what exactly happened. Prophet Israel Oladele is not only a loved man of God, he is a blessed man. I just believe deeply that God has something specific he wants to do with the whole of this incidence because with all pointers, this man is not in any way guilty of any of the offenses.


But one thing is sure, posterity will ask everyone. To Genesis global members, the man of God is fine and already doing great exploits in his new location. Be strong and keep the fire burning. I can bet it with you, this is going to bring about an unprecedented next level in his ministry.

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Zinoleesky's mother rusty house

On the TikTok app, a video of Zinoleesky’s parents’ apartment stunned online users.

Concerned online users advised Zino’s parents to seek out medical and spiritual care for their child in order to secure his wellbeing and shield him from the Marlian drug and cult empire.

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Despite the showy social media posts to the contrary, Gistlover asserted that Zino does not own any real estate or vehicles in his name.

Nigerians stressed that Zino’s parents should speak up and receive help before it’s too late because Naira Marley is reported to target people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Gistlover posted;
“In the midst of all this chaos, I think we should pay attention to this Zino too, I think he is helpless, He is from the slum too as a matter of fact the mother still lives in the slum till tomorrow, if the parent are wise, now is the best time to cry out for help for your son, we do not want to hear another RIP, your son is under an oath of allegiance to Azeez Fashola(Naira Marley)but the parent can still get him help spiritually and physically.

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Take your children away from Marlian drug and cult empire now before it’s too late, Now is the time to cry out if you truly need help, ever since your son has been there did anything change for you all? Even the house and car posted online was for show off, it was all bought in Marlian music name, your son does not own a property of his own or car in his name, he is just living the day as it comes, slide to the last video and check out his lyrics, SEE MY EYES DON SEE MANY THINGS MIO GBADURA FOTA MI(he said he’s been through a lot of terrible things he won’t wish on his enemies).

“It’s that deep, I think he needs help to exit that evil record label ASAP,
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Former Marlian DJ DJ Splash talked about his struggles working for Naira Marley’s label.

DJ Splash Talks About Working With Naira Marley

Iyabo Ojo, an actress, visited DJ Splash, who was formerly a member of Naira Marley’s Marlian Records.

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When DJ Splash revealed his intention to pursue a singing career in addition to his DJ profession, Naira Marley and his friends allegedly plotted against him, according to DJ Splash.

Due to these difficulties, he eventually had to leave his home due to mental health issues.

He said; “He doesn’t give me money and he doesn’t give me food.

When I decided to start doing music apart from DJ, they planned to put something in my food to make me mad, Naira and his gang.

Their plan was to put something in my food make me mad, plant something on me then call my mummy and tell her that something is wrong with me.

DJ Splash was able to escape his challenging situation with the help of his family.

He still struggles with his mental health, though, and is presently unable to work.

The video had reactions like:

@mizwanneka reacted: “See I’m leaving pls my mental health is at stake here.”

@demo__uk commented: “Bruh, influence dem with drvgggs and down to the accent.”

@timiagbaie said: “May life not put our help in wrong hands.”

@emini kabex said: “Baba God, Na destiny helper I dey find… Make I no jam destiny reaper and glory harvester.”

@officialruky_ said: “Naira Marley using the western cruel way of Music Label in Nigeria.

You keep your Artist on your type of crack and they remain loyal to you for life. Because apart from money they’ll also need supplies to get high and get “inspiration” like they tell them.”

@thefoodnetworknig2 said; “Oh okay, so in short, NairaMarley picks up destinies and just destroys them! A ritu alist and more.”

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Fans hold peaceful walk for Mohbad, blast Naira Marley (Video)



Fans hold peaceful walk for Mohbad

Following the passing of the late Afrobeats singer Mohbad, a relatively large number of his supporters gathered to hold a peaceful walk.

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You may recall that Mohbad’s passing has generated a lot of controversy around Nigeria due to claims that his former boss, Naira Marley, was somehow involved.

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In order to stage a peaceful demonstration and walk to demand justice for Mohbad, supporters who were all dressed in black gathered in Abeokuta.

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They could be seen going through the streets while yelling and singing, “Naira Marley is a stupid boy,” in footage that have been circulating online.

Reacting to the video…

kvng_osama_ wrote: “Omo! Naira Marley career don end”

igwe_spiritual said: “I Dey post SamLarry now o .., no be when e die finish U go come dey talk say na fake love say I no post am when e Dey alive ooo., I dey post am now soo. Before e die next week”

damayourl wrote: “If eventually Marlians record nairamarley & co escape this story what will happen?”

big_sparky8 said: “Dem don kill Universal property I pray Sam Larry never find peace for the rest of his life Inshaa‘Allah Live On IMOLE”.

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