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The Court Sets a Date For Judgment In The Case Of A Danish Man Accused Of Murdering His Wife And Daughter



The case against a Danish man, Peter Nielsen, accused of killing his Nigerian wife and daughter will be heard by the Lagos High Court on May 6 at Tafawa Balewa Square.

After the lawyers in the case adopted their final written addresses, Justice Bolanle Okikiolu-Ighile set the date.

The state has charged the defendant with two counts of murder in violation of Section 223 of the Lagos Criminal Laws of 2015.

On April 5, 2018, at around 3.45 a.m., the defendant, 53, reportedly killed his Nigerian musician wife, Zainab also known as Alizee, and his daughter at their Banana Island apartment in the Ikoyi district of Lagos, according to the state.

The foreigner, on the other hand, entered a not guilty plea to the charge.

The defence lawyer, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Olasupo Shasore, moved the last written statement during the case’s resumed hearing on Tuesday, asking the court to acquit and dismiss his client.

Shasore filed two problems for the court’s consideration, one of which he claims concerns the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

He highlighted a court decision dated July 19, 2021, in which the judge denied an appeal to have Peter Nielsen, the man suspected of killing his Nigerian wife and daughter, removed from the murder trial.

Shasore had asked the court for the production of an exhibit, the nightgown the deceased wore the night she was killed, in that application. He requested that the exhibit be made available for DNA testing.

Shasore further claimed that he had requested a search of the court’s records, but that the exhibit could not be retrieved owing to the court’s burning on October 21, 2020, during the #ENDSARS saga.

He argued at the time that because the exhibit was missing, the defendant would not receive substantial justice in the absence of the exhibit.

“We had no idea that exhibit PWN would not be found when we submitted our application.” The defendant’s constitutional rights have been violated in the absence of exhibit PWN. “In addition, the court has been denied the opportunity to analyze PWN,” the SAN added.

“The DNA analysis was generated from this PWN, which is the nightgown the deceased was wearing at the time of her death. “In his testimony, the prosecution’s expert witness relied his whole evidence on PWN,” Shasore added.

The submission, albeit clever, was deemed premature by Justice Okikiolu-Ighile.

The judge ruled that both the prosecution and the defense had called witnesses and presented exhibits that were not based on the exhibit in question.

“As a result, when all of the information has been presented and final written addresses have been accepted, the court will examine the totality of all of the material before it.”

The judge ruled that “the submission of the learned silk is premature,” and that “the application sought and the concomitant remedies are hereby dismissed.”

The SAN remarked that the presumption that there was an eye witness, the second objection presented by the defense counsel, was a critical point.

“We encourage your Lordship to consider all of the defense’s submissions on all of the state’s evidence that was not produced, as well as the DNA testing that was obtained but not produced.”

He insisted, “We have a reasonable doubt in favor of the defendant’s innocence.”


“I encourage the court to accept our position, and your Lordship should acquit and dismiss the offender after four years in custody so that he can properly mourn his wife and daughter.”


“We submit that there was no eye witness,” he added. “The so-called eye witness indicated she was behind the children’s door, which is nearly impossible to see the Master’s bedroom from behind the children’s door.”

“We have reacted to all the issues brought by the defense, including the two points highlighted by the learned senior counsel, the eye witness PW6 and the circumstantial evidence placed before your Lordship,” Adebayo Haroun, the Lagos State Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, said in his response.

“The prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Peter Nielsen killed Zainab Nielsen and Petra Nielsen on April 5, 2018.” “My Lordship, we have nothing further to add to the final written address; we urge your Lordship to find the defendant guilty as charged,” he said.

The court was then delayed until May 6.


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Lady reveals how her Estate people beat up man who faked seizure to collect money



Lady reveals how her Estate people beat up man who faked seizure to collect money

A woman has disclosed how a man was attacked by the people living in her estate after he faked a seizure to get money from them.

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The woman detailed the incident in detail on her Twitter feed, @TheNonye, where she shared this.

She claimed that the man had come to the estate the day before, acting out a seizure and even foaming at the mouth to make it seem real.

When the estate’s residents saw this, they made an effort to assist; one woman even called her brother, a doctor, to ask for help.

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The man told them he was suffering from an ulcer and that he could no longer afford his medications, so they gave him some money so he could buy medication and food.

But an Estate worker discovered a video of the same man who was apprehended for staging a seizure.

Nevertheless, the man came back the following day in an attempt to get the remaining sum of money they had promised to pay him.

Now that they knew about his deception, the inhabitants beat him to barely an inch of his life.

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“Why men need side chics” – Preacher reveals, netizens react



“Why men need side chics” – Preacher reveals, netizens react

Nigerian preacher has mentioned the four important reasons why a man needs a side chick

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The pastor explained in an Instagram video that, despite what is commonly believed, men need women by their sides in addition to their marriages.
He disclosed the four key reasons for side chicks’ importance.

The first explanation offered by the pastor was stupidity. He said that having side chicks is the finest way for a man to look dumb.

In response to a question about why guys are still searching for Coke after they have one, he pointed out that Coke in a bottle, can, or plastic is still Coke.

He identified premature death as the second reason why males require a side chick.

According to the preacher, a guy who wishes to pass away too soon must overwork his heart and stuff his body with unnecessary items.

He mentioned shame and embarrassment as additional reasons. A man who enjoys dishonor and shame, according to him, needs a side chick because that’s what he will eventually get.

According to him, a man should only require a side chick if he enjoys difficulty and turmoil.

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womeninporthacourt wrote: “This man is a national treasure. Protect him at all cost”

adeoluolatomide said: “While I understand you, sir… I prefer to have Coca-Cola in a bottle… I love it. 😂😂😂”

wallpaperplace reacted: “Listen to him before commenting! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

mizkimorahprecious wrote: “Y’all listen before commenting! Na like this una take pass exams? Wisdom sir….make we buy azul for u 😂”

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Tope Maggie, Ogbomoso-based Chef, set to dethrone Irish chef, Alan Fisher as he begins 200-hour cook-a-thon



Tope Maggie, Ogbomoso-based Chef, set to dethrone Irish chef, Alan Fisher as he begins 200-hour cook-a-thon

Tope Maggie, an Ogbomoso-born Nigerian chef, is presently attempting to outdo Irish chef Alan Fisher in a 200-hour cooking marathon competition.

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This challenge comes after Alan Fisher recently beat Nigerian chef Hilda Baci to become the record holder for the longest cooking record at the Guinness World Records.

After an astounding 119 hours and 57 minutes, Alan Fisher was formally crowned the new record holder for the longest cooking marathon (person) by Guinness World Records.

This beat the previous best set by Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef.

With a time of 47 hours and 21 minutes, Fisher also won the title of longest baking marathon (individual), breaking the previous record held by Wendy Sandner of the USA.

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In an attempt to beat Alan Fisher’s record of 119 hours and 57 minutes, Tope Maggie is scheduled to cook for an incredible 200 hours, just days after Fisher’s historic achievement.

As Nigerian chefs compete for worldwide recognition in the culinary arts, the rivalry in the kitchen persists.

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