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5 Issues Beautiful Women Are Having.



1. Everybody Thinks You’re Taken.

One reason a woman on Twitter by the username @NotACoquette gave is that

Being beautiful is lovely until everyone assumes you have a man in your life.

This same sentiment was shared by a number of other women on Twitter as well. There is a feeling that most beautiful people have already been scooped up when the reality of it is that that is a lot of times, not the case.

2. Others Will Despise You

One woman on Twitter said:

One of the things about being beautiful is that OTHER WOMEN will absolutely despise you.

This same sentiment was actually talked about in a New York Times article once and the reality of this is quite sad but then again, jealousy is a very natural human emotion. We all just need to learn to curb it better and not take it out on others.

3. People Think You’re Dumb.

A girl on Twitter once asked the question of why people weren’t taking her seriously attached with a picture of herself to which somebody else responded:

It’s because u look too beautiful. In most cases, people think beautiful girls are always dumb.

This sentiment is one that has been around for a very long time. It’s also the reason why popular Big Brother Naija star, Nengi has said that she prefers to be called smart than ‘pretty’.

4. You’re Oversexualized

Nigerian singer Simi actually addressed this in a recent interview after the whole Samklef situation.

In case you don’t know what happened, the quick summary of that was Samklef made some inappropriate comments about another singer Tems to which Simi responded.

In a later interview with NotJustOk, she talked about how often women are overly sexualized because that’s what people believe sells for women. Speaking about being women in the work force, Simi said:

Sometimes you’re trying to get your break and you have the talent, but the person you’re working with wants to sleep with you first or get a sexual favour. Or when you say you want to do music, they tell you if you don’t open your breast or yansh, it cannot work. And it’s one thing for people to criticise you or try to stop you or be in your way because you’re not good enough as a musician, or songwriter than for people to be a problem because you have the features of a woman or are a woman and they want to use that to somehow manipulate your process, it’s really sad

In addition to this, there were also so many stories shared of women who felt like because they were beautiful, they had harder times being taken seriously at work or getting certain jobs because of over-sexualization. It is really sad.

5. Beauty Fades

Finally, the thing about being beautiful is that looks change and beauty changes or as some people like to say, “beauty fades”. This is a lesson media personality Bolanle Olukanni learnt very pretty early in her life.

Bolanle Olukanni

She said:

With an increasingly growing obsession on physical looks, its easy to get sucked in and completely depend on your physical looks for self validation. I told someone a story yesterday- When I was really young -like 5 years old… I was the cutest thing. Lol yup. Everyone told me. It was my identity -even as a 5 year old. I knew it . Carried it on my head. So I got to 7 and of course I wasn’t a cute like a baby. I remember thinking why don’t people tell me I am cute anymore??!!!!

I was so bothered and upset by it. Thankfully my parents noticed and I had older sisters who really had a lot more going for them asides from physical validation. I began to become more rounded as a person and I was able to grow into my teenage years not overly obsessed about my looks. My self- confidence also came from knowing who I am as a Child of the Most high. Ultimately this is where that confidence comes from.

In a world that places so much emphasis on beauty, I agree with what Bolanle is saying. One has to look beyond looks and find more to validate them selves with because truly as time goes by and things change, so do our looks.

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