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Abimbola Bamgbose died in Turkey after secret liposuction unable to communicate with doctors after surgery due to language barrier



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A social worker who died after having secret liposuction in Turkey struggled to communicate with doctors due to the language barrier, an inquest has heard.

Abimbola Bamgbose, 38, left the UK on Aug 16 for what her husband believed was a week-long holiday with some friends in the coastal city of Izmir.

However, the mother of three underwent the fat-removal procedure at a private medical centre the day after she arrived.

She died 15 days later after developing peritonitis and multi-organ failure. Her bowel had been perforated during surgery.

At an inquest into her death, it emerged that Ms Bamgbose had struggled to communicate with doctors after she started to feel unwell following the operation.

Her husband of eight years, Moyosore Olowo, told the coroner that he had urged her to explain to doctors that she was experiencing severe stomach pains.

But, he said she told him they didn’t speak English and she was struggling to make clear how serious her symptoms were.

Describing his reaction to finding out his wife had travelled to Turkey for surgery rather than just a holiday, Mr Olowo said: “Initially I was upset. She had talked about surgery before like liposuction. She had been to a clinic in the UK but found it was too expensive.

“I wasn’t really happy but I told her ‘okay, you’ve had it now, when you get back home we will discuss the rest’.

“I think she was tired of people asking ‘are you pregnant?’ and ‘why is your tummy so big?’. I think it got to her head.”

Mr Olowo, a rail safety officer, said he was aware that she had been researching slimming procedures online before going on the trip.

She had visited a surgery in south east London but found the operations were too expensive, the inquest heard.

The day after having the £5,000 operation in Izmir, Ms Bamgbose called her husband to tell him.

Mr Olowo was growing increasingly concerned for his wife’s health after her stomach pains worsened, and he flew to Turkey on Aug 25.

By now, Ms Bamgbose had been admitted to intensive care. Her surgeon informed Mr Olowo through a video call that she had died on Aug 31.

A post-mortem carried out in the UK found that she had puncture marks on her stomach where the liposuction device had been inserted during surgery.

The consultant pathologist said she had suffered one of the worst cases of peritonitis he had ever seen.

Coroner Alan Blunsdon, sitting at County Hall in Maidstone, Kent, recorded a narrative conclusion that Ms Bamgbose died after her bowel was perforated during surgery.

Mrs Bamgbose (centre) had three children

He told Mr Olowo: “Can I lastly extend to you my deepest condolences and to the family and friends of Ms Bamgbose in what has been a very, very sad case.”

A fundraising page was set up to finance a funeral for Ms Bamgbose, who worked as a hospital social worker for Thurrock Council. It raised more than £3,500.

Set up by her colleagues, it described her as a “popular, funny, lively and caring” woman who “balanced a demanding job as a newly qualified social worker alongside caring for her children”, who are aged between seven and 12.

The page read: “Abi had a bright future, she worked so hard to get her qualification and was just beginning to get the rewards she deserved. We are struggling to believe she is gone.”

Almost 20 per cent of plastic surgery patients in Turkey came from abroad in 2019, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It remains one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery health tourism.

This are people’s reaction below

She had a Husband and 3 kids.
What the hell was she thinking?
A lot of Women need to learn there is more to LIFE than being thin.
Love yourself and thank God you’re healthy & happy. Stop chasing the perfect body… it doesn’t exist!  Risking your life to remove some fat is not worth it.”

“So sad she let people’s insensitive comments get to her and went to a foreign country with no way to communicate properly for surgery. Also cost cutting is not something that should be considered with cosmetic surgery.”

I hear Turkey is horrible for plastic surgery, a lot of the UK girls go there and always have a botched story. RIP to her.”

Turkey? Nah fuck that. Korea maybe.”

“RIP I don’t understand why she went to a doctor who didn’t know any english… is it because it’s less expensive?”


“It’s so easy for ppl to say she shouldn’t have let comments get her but let’s be real every woman wants to feel beautiful or at least desired and she thought this was the way to go. Sorry she lost her life this way these foreign ppl just take money and don’t care afterwards”

“doctors can communicate enough to discuss fees and pricing but suddenly theres a language barrier when I say “extreme pain”???its never worth it.”


Her stomach being punctured from the liposuction tool is more than language barrier. They just didn’t know what they were doing. I feel so bad for her family, but we need to get better about researching. You can’t play with your life like that”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Light

    January 24, 2021 at 5:06 am

    I feel there is more to this than the language barrier.
    Humans generally needs to understand there is more to life than our looks. It is important to look healthy, but please if you must; do this because you want to not because of pressure… why care about what people feel about you. This is a big lesson for us all… you want to slim down, do it the natural way… stop risking lives just because you want to get slim, yes I said ‘lives’ in respect to the family you’re leaving behind.

    May her soul Rest In Peace.

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Nollywood Actress Bimbo Oshin’s husband Ola Ibironke a.k.a Dudu Heritage is dead



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In an earlier interview with City People, Dudu Heritage had opened up on his marriage to Bimbo Oshin, debunking the viral rumours that they had parted ways.

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Nollywood Actress Bimbo Oshin’s husband Ola Ibironke a.k.a Dudu Heritage is dead
We have been around for a very long time so stories don’t bother us again. But I can authoritatively tell you that Bimbo Oshin is in my house, any time, any day. Since she has been in my house she has never left. She is my wife. And to prove to you, maybe that would put the issue to rest, I will call her now for you to talk to her. (He called his wife, Bimbo Oshin and put the phone on speaker).”
Dudu Heritage asked his wife if they are still together, Bimbo Oshin responded from the other end, assuring her husband that their marriage is still intact.  “I’m in my husband’s house and I have never left,” she said with laugher.
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Gistlover Blog wrote:“Dear Odunlade Adekola, You are a fantastic Actor who has carve a niche for himself in this industry, you are good at what you do BUT you need to stop this S*X FOR ROLES SHIT. it’s been like that since forever and no one is calling you to order, from Taiwo Aromokun…. to Eniola Ajao…to Bukola Adeeyo and Many more…Now the latest babe is this small girl named Nike who is also your student.

I don’t ask ladies for Sex before I give them movie roles” - Odunlade Adekola (Video)

“Dear Odun, you can’t keep doing this, we all should be accountable, we all want a working system in Nigeria, it starts with us, let us all flush the government behaviour in us first,allow girls get to the top without hanging their legs, mentor them without opening their skirt, you sef look this Girl well if you quick born, you go born this small girl now….this is a gentle warning to you to cease and desist from hanging girls leg, help them grow without shooking your prick in their holes always,

“Be a perfect gentleman, don’t allow this small girl to continue to disrespect your wife. I come in peace”

Reacting to the allegation, Odunlade Adekola said he has never demanded for sex from any actress in the Yoruba movie industry.

He said the allegation is another plot by his enemies to tarnish his good image.

Watch the video below 

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Paul Okoye Marriage Crash: Anita Okoye wants N7.8M monthly as spousal support



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According to the court document filed before an Abuja High Court, Anita Okoye, the estranged wife of Nigerian Rude Boy, Paul Okoye, has demanded the sum of $15,000 (approximately N7.8M) monthly as spousal support.

“Payment of a monthly maintenance sum of $15,000.00 (US Dollars) for the general welfare, education and health of the three children of the union who are presently in schools in the United States of America until they are of age,” part of the document read.

Paul Okoye Marriage Crash: Anita Okoye wants N7.8M monthly as spousal support

The news about the celebrity couple’s split broke on yesterday, Friday, August 20, 2021.

In the leaked court document, Anita has requested the dissolution of their marriage.
She also advised her now estranged husband in the legal document to challenge the petition if he feels disgruntled.

Anita first sparked divorce rumours in April when it was reported that she relocated with their three children to the United States of America.

Paul Okoye Marriage Crash: Anita Okoye wants N7.8M monthly as spousal support

Anita and Paul who were university sweethearts got married in 2014 in a very flamboyant wedding ceremony held in Port Harcourt.
They welcomed their first son, Andre, the previous year. In 2017, they welcomed a set of twins, Nadia and Nathan.

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