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BREAKING!! Georgia Recount Reveals 2,600 Uncounted Ballots In Pro-Trump County



A recount of ballots in Georgia’s presidential race revealed more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County that were never entered into the final tally.
Floyd County Republican Party Chairman Luke Martin says the ballots, once counted, will likely give President Trump a roughly 800-vote bite into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s roughly 14,000-vote lead, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Trump is currently leading Biden in Floyd County by a nearly 43% margin of difference.
The recovered votes may also help out GOP Sen. David Perdue, who is roughly 14,000 votes away from securing 50% of the vote in his bid for reelection and avoiding a runoff against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.
“It’s very concerning,” Martin said. “But this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue. I’m glad the audit revealed it, and it’s important that all votes are counted.”
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office said the votes were missed because election workers failed to upload a memory card containing the votes into a ballot counting machine. The Floyd County discrepancy does not appear to be a widespread issue, the office of the secretary of state said.
Floyd County has had other problems tallying votes this election cycle. About half of a batch of 5,000 ballots were not initially recorded after being missed by the scanner.
State Elections Director Chris Harvey said the 2,600 missed ballots will be added to the final vote count by the time the recount is over on Friday.
“You want every vote counted right the first time, but that is one of the goals of the audit: to identify problems,” Harvey said. “All the votes will be uploaded, and the results will be what they are.”
Raffensperger initiated the recount last week, saying it was necessary to restore voter confidence in the 2020 election results.
“This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once,” Raffensperger said at the press conference. “It will be a heavy lift.”
The secretary of state had said just days after the election that the state was headed for a recount because the presidential race was so close.
“Right now, Georgia remains too close to call,” Raffensperger said at a news conference on Nov. 6. “Out of approximately 5 million votes cast, we will have a margin of a few thousand. The focus for our office and for the county election officials, for now, remains on making sure that every legal is counted and recorded accurately.”
Raffensperger has had a rocky election season and taken heated criticism from GOP and Democratic politicians and candidates running for election in Georgia. On Nov. 9, both of Georgia’s GOP senators, Kelly Loeffler and Perdue, echoed their Democratic challengers’ calls that Raffensperger should resign over errors in the state’s election process.
“While blame certainly lies elsewhere as well, the buck ultimately stops with the Secretary of State. The mismanagement and lack of transparency from the Secretary of State are unacceptable. Honest elections are paramount to the foundations of our democracy,” Loeffler and Perdue said in a joint statement. “The Secretary of State has failed to deliver honest and transparent elections. He has failed the people of Georgia, and he should step down immediately.”
Raffensperger hit back at the senators in his own statement, saying, “that is not going to happen. The voters of Georgia hired me, and the voters will be the one to fire me.”
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Why Twitter Is Opening Its Office In Ghana and Not Nigeria




On Monday, 12th of April, 2021; Twitter tweet about their recent progress about having an office in Ghana.

Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter made this known on Monday.

Twitter said the main reason of opening an office in Ghana is mainly based on some factors. He said the factors were the country’s AfCFTA negotiations, internet access, online and offline free speech policy.

“As a champion for democracy, Ghana happens to be a supporter of free speech, online freedom, and the Open Internet, of which Twitter is also an advocate, “Twitter reveals in a statement’.

In continuation, Ghana’s recent appointment to host The Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area centres with our overarching goal to establish a presence in the region that will support our efforts to improve and tailor our service across Africa.

Ghana Relationship With Twitter 

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo – Addo expressed delight at Twitter’s decision to open its African headquarter in the country.

Look at what Akufo Addo Tweeted

The Ghanaian President revealed that he met with Dorsey virtually on April 7, where they both reached an agreement on Twitter’s activity in Ghana. Akufo – Addo said the contract “is the start of a beautiful partnership between Twitter and Ghana, which is critical for the development of Ghana’s hugely important tech sector.

‘These are exciting times to be in and to run business in Ghana’.


Many citizens of Nigeria are very disappointed about Twitter’s choice of having its office in Ghana and not Nigeria where tech space looks ripe for the company’s presence in Africa.

According to global digital insights providers, said there were 85.49 million internet users in Nigeria in January 202. The number of internet user in Nigeria increased by 2.2million [+2.6%] between 2019 and 2020. Internet penetration in Nigeria stood at 42% in January 2020. But according to this results, Ghana outranked Nigeria with these figures: Internet Users in Ghana at 14.76million. The number of internet users in Ghana increased by 1.0million [+7.5%] between 2019 and 2020. Internet penetration in Ghana stood at 48% in January 2020.

Take A Glance Through What Twitter Users Are Saying 




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House Will Proceed With Efforts To Impeach Trump ‘With Urgency’, Says Nancy Pelosi



vice president

US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has disclosed that the House will proceed with legislation to impeach President Donald Trump as early as this week if Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet refuse to remove him from office in the wake of the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

This ultimatum was delivered by Pelosi in a letter to colleagues on Sunday night, describing the president as an urgent threat to the nation.

The House will move forward with a non-binding resolution that calls on Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, and strip Trump of his presidential authority today, January 11. If the measure fails to receive unanimous support, as is expected, the House will vote on the resolution on Tuesday. Vice President Pence would have “24 hours” to respond, according to Pelosi.

Next, Pelosi said the House “will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the floor.”

“In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both,” she wrote. “As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.”

Pelosi also noted urgency was required because Trump was due to leave office on 20 January.

She explained that the resolution called on Pence “to convene and mobilize the cabinet to activate the 25th amendment to declare the president incapable of executing the duties of his office.”

Under the procedure, the vice president “would immediately exercise powers as acting president,” she wrote.

On Sunday, Pelosi told 60 Minutes Trump was “a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States,” adding that he has done something “so serious that there should be a prosecution against him”.


Here’s?Pelosi?’s letter to her colleagues.

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US Lawmakers Denounce ‘Coup’ As Trump Supporters Storm Congress



attempted coup

US lawmakers decried an attempted “coup” against the US government Wednesday as supporters of President Donald Trump smashed into the US Congress and shut down legislative sessions.

“A mob storming the US Capitol to overturn an election. A coup in progress,” said Representative Val Demings in a tweet

This is anarchy. This is an attempted coup. And it’s happening in America because of lawless lawmakers,” added another congressman, Seth Moulton.
Others also characterizing the assault as a coup attempt blamed Trump for inciting the protesters, who halted the confirmation by Congress of Joe Biden as the winner of the November 3 election.

“The president is inciting domestic terrorism,” said Representative Mark Pocan.

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