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Exclusive Interview With First Yoruba King In France Oba Aderonmu Sadiq Ilufemiloye Onifaranse 1st



My name is Oba Aderonmu Bamidle Sadiq, illufemiloye of France, Yoruba community king in france.

Where do you come from?

I am from Ejigbo, Osun state Nigeria. My mother’s father was a king at ejigbo. My father was the Asalu of Ejigbo. Bothe parents are from Royal family that is why am being called prince from the onset.


I have given birth, some of my children are old while some are still young. I have a wife


I arrived in France on 24th of July 1973. I am here to study because I applied through student visa. While studying, I met a lot of Nigerians who were also students. A lot of them have gone to back to Nigeria, some America some London but I decided to stay back in France. Then I applied for job, I was able to get one and I was working.

It was through the work I was doing with the company that Nigerians got to know me, because when they gets to know me,whosoever is seeking for job or someone that needs another job, I do bring them into the company I was working so that’s the reason why Nigerians in France gets to know me.

Because when I got here I suffered without knowing anyone, when I arrived France, Nigerians were only 25 in numbers. The reason why it was 25 was because of those from Togo and Abidjan, those from Nigeria were not more than 15. The same thing that happened to me because I know no one, I don’t want such to happen to those coming behind that is why I brought those I ought to bring, those that need help I brought them into the company, some are still in France, some have left to America, some have left to London but some are still here in France as we speak that can testify to what I am saying.


I went to Alliance Francaise where I study language for a year. I do go to work in the morning then school in the evening. I work as cleaner in the morning then in the evening I go to school till when I was able to obtain university form and I got admitted through government order that I am fit to go to university. I spent 3 years and 6 months in the university before I finished from there. I couldn’t apply as a full-time student because of the nature of my work. Immediately I finished from school I was able to get a job.


I was able to get a job at Ministry of industry in France as a maintenance manager. I work there for 10years before moving to another company. Its in the new company I got to meet people and employed Nigerians because I was the first person employed into the company.

I worked there for a while before setting up my own company, which is a cleaning company. I did that for a while, most of my workers were people from Nigeria, Senegal, Mali are those working with me. It was through the cleaning company alot of people got to know me. I retired while still working at my cleaning company.


Kingship came in unexpectedly one day while sitting at home. I didn’t know investigations were going on underneath before we got to know one early morning at 8:00am in the year 2018. They came to tell us we have been elected by the people to become Yoruba leader in France. I was shocked that day because I and my wife were sleeping when they arrived. When they entered my house, they were like 7 to 8 people from different regions. At longrun I had to accept with them because they begged me they were sorry I wasn’t informed, they don’t inform the person chose, it’s the people that said its Aderonmu they want.



It’s the Yorubas in France that stood up and said they ought to have a leader because before Yorubas were not much compare to now, so if they are having a leader, they will know where to report issues bothering them to.


My role as a King in this town is to bring unity among the Yorubas. A lot of things are happening and they have no one to report to. I want to be of help to those who arrived seeking for advice to move on, and to those who have been around but does not know the way forward, I am to show them the way and also to those facing Embassy problem, I want to help sort out the problem. I am to provide solutions for my people.

Also to our children, we want them to know the importance of a King in Yoruba land, importance of Yoruba culture and also their role to their parents, all these are what we are planning to do.



I am to re-organize my community, I am to seek for love among Yorubas, to listen to what is going on and settle things amicably so everybody can be at peace.



Things I can’t do since I became the king are I can’t go out alone when invited for a ceremonial event except my Chiefs follows me, and when at an event I can’t eat there because a King doesn’t eat outside except when served at home before going out. I am being called to intervene in a lot of things on phone so many times, sometimes till 12:00am am still on call and sometimes it’s from 8:00am I would have been on call till in the afternoon to settle things disturbing them or they having a uestions which I will be answering to.  I must always pick whenever my phone rings so my people won’t be angry.

The places I do go to in the morning or afternoon to jog, I can’t go again except am having something very important that I can do all by myself.

Since I became a King, they told me the Kings Palace is always open to everyone from Nigeria and I also have open the door for them to enter, to call me, to seek for advice or if they need anything from me, I am available for them 24hrs because I have no other job than to take care of my people’s need.


Presently, since I have retire from work that gives me time to work for my Yoruba people from Nigeria. Because they can call for my attention anytime, so nothing can hinder me from paying attention to them or being present. I have no other work greater than theirs



By the grace of God and the power of Olodumare, we went to places we ought to before getting here. In Nigeria we went to places we ought to and we got to places we ought to before our Asa day (cultural day) that came up on 23rd of July, 2022, such that a lot of people showed up.

On that day what really made us happy was that our father, Ooniof Ife sent us a representative who came to deliver his messagewith some other Kings like Apena, Ibafo from Nigeria also diaspora Kings also came around.

Apart from the Kings, we saw Nigeria Ambassador in France who was also present that day.

Also our Mayor  sent a representative to come see our AsawaDay (cultural day) that we were doing and also some businessmen and those whose names I do not know that came from Europe, we all celebrated that day together.


Works starts immediately after we celebrated our first Asawaday(cultural day) in France because there are alot of things that committee of Chiefs are planning alongside with me, that we need to set up a committee who will find out what the people want, what we need to do for them and where do they want to send us because we want to be the people’s messenger so that bad things they’ve gone through won’t repeat itself, we want the good ones to keep happening.

Those committee will be looking after the welfare of Yoruba children in France like what do they want, what do they need, where are they going where they are coming from so we can know what we will do for them .



What I want for all Yoruba children even Nigerians all together,is that we should all be united, we should live in love, we should be one so we can achieve all we need to achieve. Whenever there is misunderstanding, we should settle it, we should not fight or keep malice.

We should all come together and become one that is what I amworking towards so all can turn out well and by the grace of Grace, it will surly turn out well because one must put into consideration the role of a leader  is to promote unity.  Wherever there is dispute or fight, I want us all to be one. Because when one becomes a leader, people must see changes in society.

Watch below 


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