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Football Update: 2020 List Of 10 Richest Footballers



Football is a game for practically everybody, the joy it yields especially when your team is already winning is what makes it interesting and keeps the game upping.

It is all about the passion that follows be it the income or anything. In this article, we are going to see the top 10 players who are earning more from the wallet of footballing.

These players profit handsomely from the worldwide appeal in their sport. Whether it’s sponsorship deals, short sales, or weekly wages, they always profit millions. And considering today’s income, it wouldn’t surprise us if a player’s salary doubles soon.

These are ten players in the world who are earning more from football.


Eden Hazard has been one of the best players over the decade, which naturally makes him one of the richest footballers.

Because of his top-notch profile, Hazard has signed some lucrative sponsorship deals over the years. He is linked up with china’s Sina Sports, endorsed a trading card line with Topps, and done a social media campaign to promote Lotus Bakeries’s famed brand of biscuits.

Add his lucrative salary at new Real Madrid and his partnership with Nike to the mix, Hazard is safely well off.



Pele retired from football in 1977, he’s profited beautifully from his profile as potentially the greatest of all time.

He has got lucrative sponsorship deals with companies like Puma, subway, Emirates, and Santander have all awarded him lucrative sponsorship deals.

Other organizations have also signed him as an ambassador for the 2014 world cup and 2016 Olympics in his native Brazil.


Francisco is known as the Golden Boy in his native Italy, Totti spent his entire 25_year career of Senior football starring for AS Roma. Most fans consider him one of the greatest players of all time.

He had everything from a playmaking ability to a goalscorer’s instinct, which helped him win the 2006/07 European Golden Shoe. Therefore, Totti was invaluable for Roma on all fronts. Even towards the end of his days, the Italian kept proving his worth each time.

He has been a two-time series player of the year among the richest footballers in 2020. Isn’t that surprising?



Gareth is a Real Madrid player with an incredible car collection that includes an Audi Q7, Mercedes class C63 AMG coupe, and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

He has been signed into a six-year sponsorship deal with Adidas in 2014 worth an allowed $26.M

According to claims, Gareth earns around $11m from Nissan Motor, Konami, and football Locker.

Adding his €15m annual salary to the mix, it’s isn’t easy to understand why Bale was so reluctant to leave Real Madrid last year.


Overtime, Rooney on his own has achieved a lot from football, moving to DC United not only gave Rooney a taste of MILS football, but it made him one of the world’s best-paid football players.

He is currently having a deal with Nike and Samsung, while he is also been a cover athlete in the EA Sports video game series FIFA on multiple occasions.

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Pato who is 16 years has been an inspiration to the world and to everyone who admired his dexterity in playing football.

He won the 2006 FIFA Club World cup with international. It paved the way for a €24M transfer to AC MILAN the following year, where he became a true star.

He left Milan in 2013, Pato has endured mixed successes on the pitch. Yet he hasn’t stopped him bringing home the cash, with an animated fortune of $145m.



A successful 83-year-old Dave is an entrepreneur having formed JJB sports and acquired DW sports fitness. He is done incredibly well off the pitch, has also been the owner of WIGAN athletic.

He has played as a full_back for Blackburn Rovers and Crewe Alexander during his own playing career.



Messi is a one-time great player that has hooked so many admirers, he is included in the richest footballers list will come as no great shock to anyone.

He has spent his whole career at Barcelona, but despite the critics from people, he is still standing strong. He has been awarded handsomely, with many accolades and a huge salary.

He has ranked in so many sponsorship deals from the likes of Pepsi, Hauwei, and Adidas with an income of 400m.



David, a famous athlete player, from his free kicks to marrying posh spice, is known for an icon with dexterity.

In the last two decades, he was once the world’s highest-paid footballer in 2004 following his real Madrid move.

He has won four different leagues title in the premier league, La Liga, MLS, and Ligue 1.

He retired in 2013, he is still a big deal in the football world, and recently launches his own MLS team called inter Miami.



Th3 richest footballer in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo, is the CR7 brand itself probably ranks in more money than the reported €31m Juventus pays him each year.

Every brand wants Ronaldo because of his high standing profile, his classic and bold personality.

Outside of football, Ronaldo is a majority shareholder in two hotels called the ‘Pestana CR7’ in his native Portugal. He also launched a ‘CR7 Fitness’ gym in Madrid, with rumors claiming another 100 facilities could be opened in the upcoming years.

He also owns his clothing lines and a hair transplant clinic called Insparya” in Madrid…

While Messi may own the title for the best-paid footballer, Ronaldo is richer on an estimated worth of $460M.

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“Double for Imole” – Asisat Oshoala pays tribute to Mohbad after scoring twice against Granada



“Double for Imole” – Asisat Oshoala pays tribute to Mohbad after scoring twice against Granada

In a recent Instagram post, Nigerian football player Asisat Oshoala, a striker for FC Barcelona and the country’s women’s national team, paid respect to the late musician Mohbad.

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This occurs a few weeks following the September 12, 2023, passing of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, a Nigerian singer.

The singer’s cause of death has not yet been formally identified or made public by the relevant authorities, but fans are still celebrating Mohbad’s passing.

In honor of Mohbad, Asisat Oshoala, who recently scored twice against Granada in a football match, took to her Instagram page to write, “Double for Imole. keep resting young king #LightBoy.”

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fadapetercomedy: “Tnx mami u said it n u did it. Imole lives.”

theladytoyah: “Loju won Imole di Legend forever in our hearts. Thank you Asisat for showing love to everyone.”

yahootailor18: “Do your best and leave the rest my sister. God bless you for doing this one to pay him last respect.”

swankytee224a: “The only footballer that showed Imole love thank you agba baller.”

cristy_davis___0: “Keep resting bro we gonna get you justice you the deserve @iammohbad.”

akanbiwale: “We love both of you, Az you no go die afi ti o ba di arugbo Bijahi Rosullulai, lmole wey die may he continue to rip Bijahi Rosullulai.”

osascoad: “LoL Another Africa player of the year 2023 winner already.”

supliabeatz: “Love you. Anytime i listen to his song i wish he stayed longer to know how great he had become.”

shukran_olaoluwa: “Congratulations world best!! Agba baller for a reason.”

See screenshot of her post below:

“Double for Imole” – Asisat Oshoala pays tribute to Mohbad after scoring twice against Granada

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Lionel Messi wins his eighth Ballon d’Or title



Lionel Messi wins his eighth Ballon d’Or title

Argentine seven-times Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi is chosen as the winner of this year’s title edition, following his accomplishment at the 2022 World Cup.

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The World Cup is the only star missing from the lineal-GOAT’s breast that has been raising eyebrows for a long time. There are those who think he should not have won this year’s award, though, and one of them was Jason Cundy.

Cundy was not unaware of why the player could turn up as the favourite, and mentioned it in his statement.

‘I have said it many time.’ Jason Cundy had predicted. ‘I think if Haaland doesn’t win it [the Ballon d’Or], it’s a disgrace. I think it’s a disgrace, Messi will win it because he won the World Cup.’

Despite all the glory and noise associated with the Ballon d’Or award, Lionel Messi once said he had no big view of it but rather preferred awards gotten at group level. By ‘group level’, he meant his club and country.

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‘The Ballon d’Or is very important due to the recognition at the individual level, but I never gave it importance,’ announced Messi.

‘The most important thing for me was always the awards at the group level. I was lucky to have achieved everything in my career and after the World Cup, I’m thinking about that award much less, my biggest award was that and I’m disguising my moment. If it arrives, good, and if not, nothing happens. I was lucky to achieve all my goals in my career and now I have new goals with this club.’

Lionel Messi’s form at Inter Miami has been the subject of bad news for weeks now, including his inability to help his struggling club remain in the MLS playoffs. After the injury he sustained while working for his country in the World Cup qualifiers, he has only been able to carry himself instead of his club.

His so-called rival Cristiano Ronaldo has been at his best since, though he is older than Lionel Messi by two years. Some are convinced that the time has come for the GOAT to retire and tend his recurrent muscle problem, but Argentina’s first team’s coach, Scaloni, would not hear of it. In reaction to the question of whether Argentina’s best should be retired, the seemingly-angered coach replied:

‘Let’s keep in mind that he is still here. What a way to think about ‘when he is gone.’ The truth is that he is still active, let’s leave him alone, are we already retiring him? We commit hara-kiri, we are all crazy.’

The man believes that the veteran horse is alright.

Leo is fine,’ argued Scaloni. ‘He has been adding minutes of training. We will make the decision. It’s a matter of minutes, of how much he can play. If he’s well, you know what I think, he will play.

‘We always try to play those that are at 100 per cent or close to 100 per cent. It is very difficult for everyone to be at their best in these games so there may be a variation with respect to the game against Paraguay.’

It seems very clear that Cristiano Ronaldo fell behind in becoming the most decorated footballer of his era.

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Paul Pogba guilty of doping, and could be banned for 4 years



Paul Pogba guilty of doping

In the past, alarming reports stated that the possibility test revealed that Paul Pogba’s urine had traces of the synthetic enhancer testosterone.

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A definitive judgment on the matter was postponed until the results of a second sample, which later revealed that he had in fact doped.

Rafaela Pimienta, Paul Pogba’s representative, said after the initial results were announced, “We are waiting for the counter-analysis, and until then, we can’t say anything.” Paul Pogba never sought to break the rules, that much is evident.

Paul Pogba’s claimed wildness, his recent injuries, and the fact that the chemical identified in his system could only have arrived there via drug peddlers all contributed to the situation’s notoriety.

The incident might result in the arrest of those involved in the distribution of testosterone, which was not a component of any drug marketed legally over the counter in Italy.

According to sources, it is simple to purchase the chemical in Italy via the dark web, but it is dangerous to be found in possession of it or its products.

They continued by mentioning that Juventus’ top brass might attempt to shield the player, which they noted would be a waste of time.

Since the world is watching these high-profile cases, it would be difficult to spare the guilty of the majority of the punishment involved.

If someone is found guilty, like Paul Pogba, the National Anti-Doping Tribunal in Italy will decide what should happen to them after that.

Whatever they decide, Juventus’ outstanding star Pogba is expected to miss additional games due to ongoing injury issues that have caused him to miss a lot of games.

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The footballer has not stated whether the synthetic enhancer served as a clutch to support his hurting body on the field.

Many people do not endorse Paul Pogba due to his rising occurrence of injury-related disqualifications.

Juventus might be content to terminate the player’s contract at this time and leave his future in the anti-doping tribunal’s hands.

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