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Toke Makinwa speaks about relationships without God



Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has revealed why some relationships or businesses don’t work out despite adding more effort.

According to the media personality cum actress, God speaks to everyone in different dimensions, such as giving signals or communicating with our inner man

Toke Makinwa made this statement during her show titled “Tokemoments”. She called out many who blame God for their misfortunes in a relationship and claimed that finding oneself in messy hole results from ignoring God’s words.

“This one is loud. Trust me to call even myself out cos I’m on this table.

How many times has God told us something is not good for us, some people are not for us, leaving that job to run your business might not be the best thing to do now and so much more, we did our own thing our own way and when it scatters we yell God hates us, or we pray dangerous prayers to curse that person God told you to leave. So many times we know something is not good for us on the long but it’s so hard to let it go. Watch the full Vlog on my YouTube page, link is in my bio and pls like, share, comment and pls subscribe too.”

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Simi surprised husband, Adekunle Gold on stage with his daughter, Deja (Video)



Simi surprised husband, Adekunle Gold on stage with his daughter, Deja

The love connection between Adekunle Gold and Simi has only been stronger.

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Adekunle Gold got a heartwarming display of family love from his wife Simi and daughter Deja during his performance last night at his sold-out concert in the US.

Simi and Deja stormed the stage as he was about to finish his song, shocking the “Pick Up” Crooner who couldn’t help but embrace his family.

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The musician embraced his wife clingily in a viral video and further persuaded Deja to shout out to the crowd, prompting reactions across all social media platforms.

Since the beginning of their careers, Simi and Adekunle Gold’s relationship has been acknowledged, and many people have found inspiration in it.

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Mohbad’s manager Seyi called out over fraud allegations and friendship with Naira Marley



Mohbad's Manager Seyi Dragged For Ratting Mohbad Out

Seyi, the manager of Mohbad, has come under fire for alleged fraud and a connection with Naira Marley.

Internet users recently came upon comments made on Seyi’s page three weeks prior, in which people voiced their worries about her potential fraudulent actions.

Seyi was called out by one user, Marygold_imperial, who advised others to avoid doing business with her.
Ladies_on_heels, another user.1805 accused Seyi of being a crook who conned others by using Mohbad’s name.

Seyi’s integrity has come under scrutiny as a result of these comments.

Despite the accusations, Seyi planned a candlelight ceremony in Mohbad’s honor. The uncertainty surrounding her has further grown as a result of this incident.

Seyi has come under fire for reportedly soliciting cash from famous people who attended the event.

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Netizens conjectured about Seyi’s close friendship with Naira Marley, who is thought to have abused and mistreated Mohbad before his tragic death, which added to the accusations.

The need for openness and justice in this case has grown stronger as a result of the continuous scandal surrounding Seyi and her alleged involvement in fraudulent operations.


@endylight1 reacted: “For the fact that Seyi is Mohbad’s manager and a close pal to Naira Marley then there’s something fishy too. Where is Seyi? Where is Naira Marley? Where is Sam Larry? Why are they waiting for autopsy result before declaring this people wanted.”

@eyinjuoluwaa00 reacted: “I said it before and I’ll say it again, one mistake Moh made was still keeping her close after his fall out with marlian records. People be mixing business with sentiments at the detriment of their business and even life.”

@yes_am_adababy said: “There’s something wrong with this manager, he needs to be questioned asap.”

@titomi_14 commented: “Firstly if the manager (seyi) is not the one who do disclose mohbad every moves,or a snitch, immediately mohbad died she’s meant to be one of the first people that walk-in in willingly to the police station.

To give her statement, how will you be managing someone and they were harassing and bullying him in every aspect and you kept quite till they killed him, how will you be friends with people who keeps bullying your client till he dies, and while the boy was tweeting and writing petitions, you have never for once retweet his tweet or post those videos on your wall ,or write to the police or msg bloggers to save him, i put it to you seyi you’re not a good person and justice will prevail #justiceformohbad.”

@officialzarah_ said: “That girl needs to be locked up,she must talk wetin she know.Her hand no clean for this matter at all nothing anybody go tell me#justiceformohbad.”

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“I don’t tell people I’m his mother because he was scared I’d be kidnapped” – Mohbad’s mum



Mohbad's Mom Says She Never Revealed She was his mother

The late Afrobeat singer Mohbad’s mother discusses why she never outright claimed to be his mother.

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Mohbad’s mother has admitted that she was completely aware of the abuses and bullying her son experienced while he was alive.

She continued by saying that he lived in perpetual terror and had once assumed the attacks against him were over until he was assaulted during his last EP.

The mother of Mohbad continued by saying that she hid her identity to prevent being abducted by someone who were wanted her son’s life.

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She said:
They went to shoot E.P, they beat him. I begged him to mention the names of those that beat him but he didn’t.

I did not mention to anyone that I was his mother because he was scared I’d get kidnapped.

“I have spent 5 months in the house he rented for me and he visited thrice. He rented three shops for me too; the day he died, he promised to send me N5M.

My son didn’t enjoy his life; he was always scared. He reported twice at the police station,” she said.

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