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With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ -Temilade Tobiloba Badmus



Temilade Tobiloba Badmus also known as Temiloluwa is a chirstian born worship minister/Actress born in the early 90s on the 7th of February, into the Family of the Badmus, in ijebu-igbo, she had her primary and secondary school education in ijebu-ode and graduated to the higher institution where she is currently studying Music.

She has done a lot of movie soundtracks and also ministered alongside with various other anointed ministers of God and also with Evang. Tunde Ara in the ongoing Sunday live worship session of the luliconcert.

Purified is her first official singles although she has done some other works fitted to be out in some months to come, she is currently working on her first chirstian movie production that gives an insight of the divine call (IPE)  with the G10 movie academy headed by Shola Akintude Lagata, she is also signed under the management of Emmanuel’s concept.

In this Interview with The Helen Media, Get to know more of her journey into the ministry.

Who is Temiloluwa?

With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ-Temilade Tobiloba Badmus

Temiloluwa is an instrument of worship chosen by the Father himself, for the work of the kingdom. In a short word temiloluwa is an instrument of the lord.

What do you really want to achieve with your ministry?

With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ, i want people to understand the process of coming back to the father, win souls to his Kingdom and of all i want the glory of christ to be showed through my ministration

What type of minister are you?

I am a worship minister

What church do you attend?

With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ-Temilade Tobiloba Badmus

I attend celestial church of christ

How do you feel being a worship minister in celestial?

Although many feel worship isn’t meant for celestial but they fail to understand the meaning of the “CHRIST ” at the end of the name of the church, so i feel just like a child of God doing the Fathers work as any other young and old ministers of christ.

Apart from Music, do you have any other passion?

Absolutely, I am passionate about acting from a very young age, so as I grew I intend to also evangelize christ through acting, probably lets call it a practical aspect of my ministry.

Have you produced or done any movie?

Yes, I have been in several movies like that of eeya, anna(yesterday), protest and IPE where I had the lead role and it was produced by Emmanuel’s concept in conjunction with G10 academy headed by Shola Akintunde Lagata.

About your latest Singles “PURIFIED” many still find it hard to believe you are not a celestial, can you tell us the inspiration behind the song and have you ever attended any pentecostal churches before?

With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ-Temilade Tobiloba Badmus

Sure i get the same feedback about the song and its logical for a spirit filled individual to understand that songs does not describe your church, i am a child of the father and Jesus christ is my everyday inspiration, altho purified isn’t my first singles but it’s officially the first one, i have like 3 other tracks on ground but when i prayed about the releasing of the songs, i wasn’t giving any confirmation to drop them but the lord said to me that before you start these journey you need to purify your ways and also bring people closer to me by purifying their souls for the ones(songs) already on ground and he took me to 2corithians 7 vs 1 Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. so when i read this verse i could clearly see that the work i have is a gradual process not just any kind of work.

And also I don’t attend any other church apart from my church but i listen to Tasha Cobbs, Dr Tumi, pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Dunsi Oyekan and lots more.

Do you think your kind of music would be accepted in celestial as a Home?

With my ministration i want to create comfort for people in christ-Temilade Tobiloba Badmus

Lol, like i said this is the work of the father not mine, so we don’t have any other choice than to embrace it in celestial, i am not the only and first worship minister in celestial, we have wonderful and spirit filled ministers in the fold like Harjovy, Serah Diamond, Marysings and lots more.

So the lord who had called us would make a way and always have. People believe celestial is only for Tungba and alujo but the Gospel of Christ has also taken over, we have different educated musicians in celestial so we do all kinds of music.

What event would you consider your greatest moment ever yet in the music scene?

For now so far it’s the LULI CONCERT sunday live session because it was a great privilege to minister in the session by his grace and also PURIFIED CELESTIAL but i believe there are many more to come in Jesus Name.

Which music minister would you like to collaborate with?

As the lord leads

What are your plans for the next 2 years to come?

For now am planning and asking for confirmation to drop an EP and there after drops some few videos and also some of my movies apart from IPE are on its way.

Watch her video below 


INSTAGRAM : Temiloluwamusic

FACEBOOK : Temiloluwa Music

Management : Emmanuel’s concept

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Our mother is one of our biggest inspiration when it comes to comedy -Twinz Love



Moyin and Doyin popular Instagram skit makers, entrepreneurs, brand influencers, content creators and makeup artists.

They are popularly known for their mischievous ways of tricking their mother in their skits. Their hilarious skits has made them gain a lot of followers on social media

In this Interview with The Helen Media, they talk about how their journey into content creation started.

You girls are popular for skit making, how did you start making skits?

it all started just like a joke,we liked our mum reaction whenever we did something funny so we taught of catching this actions in camera.

Tell us about yourselves, are you still in school or you are through with school?

Our name is OLADIMEJI Moyinoluwa,Oluwadoyin ,born and brought up in Oyo state,March 31st And also final year student in Obafemi awolowo university,we are entrepreneurs,we sell hair growth products,skin products. Our goal is always do something valuable for others,always make people laugh in our videos pranking our mum. our aspirations to earn passive income,earning acclaim and prestige.

You girls have good acting skills, do you have plans to become an actor later in life?

It’s an experience We would love to partake in,in the future but presently we don’t have plans for that.

Our mother is one of our biggest inspiration when it comes to comedy -Twinz Love

Olademeji Doyin

What is the biggest challenge that you have experienced with skit making?

Thinking of a prank to come up with and also one of us might not be in the mood for such.

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations from fans ?

We stay focused on what am pursuing and try not to get carried away by what am seeing around me,we try to be as polite as We can to our fans and keep my mind from negative comments

Why does your mother feature in most of your skits?

Because she’s one of our biggest inspiration when it comes to comedy.

What is the most difficult skit you have ever worked on?

The pregnancy prank We were really scared of my mom’s reaction
watch the video below

When you started out, was is it in the plan to always feature her-(your mother), or it just happened by accidentally?

like I said earlier,it has always been happening behind the scenes and our taught of putting it to the internet was what made it known.

Your mother is fond of making references to your father’s family members in your skits, do your father’s ‘people’ watch your skits?

Basically it’s not my story to tell,cuz that ship has sailed far before I knew my left form right.

A lot of people have assumed that you girls were raised by a single mum, is this true?


What would you describe as the highlight of your career as entertainers?

Having being featured on the posts of very famous bloggers like Tundeednut and lot more.

If you girls were not twins, do you think you would have considered skit making?

This question would have been easily answered if we weren’t twins,but as nature has it,we came as twins making the question very hard to answer.

Our mother is one of our biggest inspiration when it comes to comedy -Twinz Love

Oladimeji Moyin

You girls prank your mother a lot, who comes up with these ideas the most between both of you?

Basically it’s mutual,we always have intentions to prank her but one of us always comes up with an ideal prank

As young entrepreneurs,  what are some of the challenges you girls face in your business?

Lack of constant electricity been that we need electricity to help in the manufacturing of our products but the high cost in petroleum has stood has a barrier and a form expenses that hinders our production rate and costs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

We should have fully establish in my business and created a brand that will not only been knows locally but worldwide.

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