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EPL: “Ronaldo’s age has now caught up with him, and his legs looks tired” says Agbonlahor



Gabriel Agbonlahor, a former Aston Villa player. Has said that Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s age has finally caught up with him.

Ronaldo’s legs are worn, according to Agbonlahor, who added that the 37-year-old isn’t giving anything offensively. And doesn’t need to start every Man United game.


Ronaldo has become Man United’s top scorer in all competitions this season after rejoining the club from Juventus in the summer of 2021.


“Watching Ronaldo right now will be excruciating for many Manchester United supporters.” He’s 37; he’s outperformed most footballers by five or six years, but you can’t avoid aging. “Age comes up with everyone, and it appears like Ronaldo has caught up.” Agbonlahor told Football Insider.

“His legs are fatigued; he does not appear to be as swift and sharp in getting playearound rs.” He’s also not a front-of-the-room presser. With all of that, it doesn’t make sense for him to continue,” he explained.

“But who else do they have?” he continued. They don’t have many other alternatives. Unless Rashford is used as a striker or a false nine.


“It’s a major concern for Manchester United if they have Ronaldo and Cavani as possibilities up front next season.”

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Graeme Souness lashes out at Pogba, call him a ‘lazy tw*t’



Graeme Souness lashes out at Pogba

Following an adverse results of Paul Pogba’s most recent urine test, Graeme Souness attacked the football player, calling him extremely lazy.

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A well-known analyst who once played for Liverpool is Graeme Souness.

He is aware of the incident involving Paul Pogba and Old Trafford that resulted in hostility.

Due to injury, Paul Pogba has recently played less on the field.

One may exaggerate the situation by suggesting that he constantly entering and exiting injuries. Another justification for why most would hesitate to sign the pricey Italian talent.

Pogba and Juventus have had nothing but a difficult time since his recent departure.

The player appears to be pressed for time due to his ongoing ailments, threats from his own family, and allegations of involvement with a certain gang.

His career could end quickly as a result of a recent lab finding that he had the illegal chemical testosterone in his system.

The question of whether the Italian government would charge Souness with doping is the largest obstacle standing in his path right now, not the claim of sloth. He is awaiting the results of the second test, which will determine his future.

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According to Souness, ‘[Pogba is] an extremely talented young man.

He should be one of the best midfield players in the world, but he’s lazy. If you remember how he used to take penalties.

That was him wanting to be the star of the show for that period of time.

If he’s lazy in matches he’ll be lazy in training and how can you get after the rest of them if you don’t get after him.”

Then he was asked whether he was sure he was not wrong in his view of Pogba. His answer was, ‘Not for a nanosecond, no, he’s a lazy tw*t.’

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Michail Antonio talks of Mohamed Salah: ‘I know for a fact that he was ready to go.’



Michail Antonio talks of Mohamed Salah

Michail Antonio, a West Ham player, stated “I know for a fact that [Mohamed Salah] was ready to go.”

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Mohamed Salah was the subject of a £150 million offer from Al Ittihad during the summer transfer window, but it was turned down on the basis that Jurgen Klopp already had plans for the player.


Many people questioned if Mohamed Salah would chose to break his contract with Liverpool in the early stages of the offer.

He was bound by a contract to remain in the club’s employ for two more years.

He was being charged significantly more than what the European market would have valued him at, especially given his advanced age.

Many were aware of how difficult the position was: either sell the potential to win the Premier League Cup for $150 million or hope the possibility to win the championship paid off.


In those days, rumors began to spread that Liverpool’s upper management was seriously enticed by the offer and had warned coach Klopp, who was utterly defenseless, that the player might need to be sold.

Given the money the Arabians have put on the table and the youngster’s age, respected Liverpool ex-player Jamie Carragher even predicted that the player would probably be sold.

He made the claim that the club would not turn down £200 million, but considering what ultimately transpired, this forecast would have also been incorrect.

Al Ittihad delayed their search after realizing how difficult it was for the group to part with the Moslem star.

According to rumors, the team will make a comeback during the January transfer window, and Liverpool might be more amenable to selling Salah at that time.

Salah’s selling provided Ansfield the money to hire more talent.

[Mohamed Salah] didn’t turn [the offer] down, no way,’ says Michail Antonio. ‘He was locked up and the Reds had put that red arrow across: ‘You are not going anywhere’.

He did not stop that at all. To be fair to him, he didn’t kick up a fuss and let them do what they were doing. But I know for a fact that he was ready to go.’

On went Antonio later: ‘What else can he do at Liverpool? He’s done it. It’s [Saudi] a great opportunity for him, he is a Muslim man and it had everything screaming out for him.

There was no actual negative for the man to not go. I understand he has a contract, which he has fulfilled.

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So he wins another [Premier League title], do you know what that just means? He has won another. It doesn’t add much to anything else.

He has done everything he could possibly do at Liverpool.

I am saying to you right now, a Muslim man going to a Muslim country, £215m to Liverpool for a 31-year-old – I just find it completely crazy they’ve not accepted that.

My question to you is this: what do you think Liverpool are playing for this year? Even if you couldn’t replace the man, let’s call this season a write-off

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick knocks down cameraman at 3-1 win over Al Raed



Ronaldo knocked Out Cameraman

Cristiano Ronaldo knocked down a Cameroonian cameraman with his most recent free kick. Al Nassr.

Christiano Ronaldo added a free kick that many would either label comical or hazardous to his litany of missed opportunities.

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According to reports, the ball Christiano Ronaldo intended for the net found its way to the shocked cameraman’s face, causing him to fall to the ground on the field. It is unknown if the unfortunate event caused any harm.

The best player to ever compete in the Saudi Pro League, Ronaldo is a pillar of strength for his team. Despite losing their first two games, the squad is doing well and has a decent chance of finishing the season strongly.

Christiano Ronaldo gained a significant amount of points for the club in several categories, along with other players added to improve the team’s prospects of winning the championship.

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He pushed down an unaware cameraman during the match with Al Raed, but the game did not end before he scored one more goal, bringing his total to 13 to his tally.

Although the Portuguese star originally said he planned to play professional football until he was 40, his performance today indicates the waning days of youth.

As things are in the Saudi Pro League, this wish may not be fulfilled there because the only reason he might be kept at Al Nassr is for his previous success.

The sky is the limit for what he might accomplish at the Saudi Arabian club now that he has forged a deadly alliance with Sadio Mane, a former player for Bayern Munich whose edge is no longer as sharp as it once was.

Together with Talisca’s goal, both players scored during the game to defeat Al Raed 3-1.

It continues to be puzzling why Christiano Ronaldo is consistently left off the list of European athletes deserving of the current accolades.

Many contend that he does not fall short of Lionel Messi in any category that would justify his current exclusions.

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