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Why My Marriage To Comedienne, PRINCESS Crashed 6 Weeks After We Got Married – Ex-Husband, SHOLA JEREMIAH



Shola Jeremiah is a fast-rising actor movie producer, he started up as a continuity, trained under Yinka Quadri and Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo) and Abbey Lanre in Odunfa caucus over a decade ago. He shot his first movie in 2010/2011 titled “Moyin Oluwa”. Besides Acting, he also works as a Clearing Agent.

His life took a turn when he married popular comedian Princess, the courtship and marriage lasted for barely 6 months while the marriage itself lasted for only 6 weeks. According to him, he became an object of ridicule and hardly stepped out of his house, because his friends, family and colleagues never supported his choice of bride, but he thought the marriage will work. He was labelled, a gold digger who was hungry for fame and wanted to use Princess to achieve all that.

Jeremiah in this his first major interview after the marriage breakup with City People team,  He talked extensively on what really happened in the marriage that many people don’t know about, how he worked extra to make the marriage work, and real reason, his marriage to Princess broke up, right before it even started. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Can you shed more light on what you mean by you losing everything after your marriage break up?

When we were together, there are lots of things that happened, like we share lots of things together. Then as an actor, I also work as a clearing agent, sometimes, if I get a job maybe through Princess or any other person, I have to give her, her own percentage and what I mean by saying I lost everything, was the fact that when I was married, I couldn’t do anything, there was no time for one to even go to location, I was always indoor, I mean after the marriage break up, people started mocking me, so I was to shy to go out, and it was really bad because lots of them never supported my getting married to Princess, at the first place. Saying the marriage will not work.

What were the reasons why they didn’t support you?

Maybe they know her more than I do but I thought everything will change for good. We are from different background, and even when I started complaining, I was advised to be patient, that things will change for good. It was later that I realised that what my colleagues and senior colleagues were saying, I could not control her was actually true, so when we broke up, I couldn’t even go back to my family, location, I was just all by myself.

Would it be right, to say you were depressed at that time?

Yes. I was depressed, and the things people were saying, that I married her for money and fame, made everything really complicated for me, when am working on the street, you hear people talking about me and pointing fingers at me; so all those things really affected me, atimes, I will stay indoor for a whole week without going out. Then, I saw lots of things on blogs and newspapers.

Can you talk about the complains about Princess before you married her?

According to her, in some of her interviews when they ask her, why her marriage crashed, she said irreconciliable differences I would not want to go deep into somethings, I also believe in the industry lots of people know her very well, the kind of person, she is, then compared to the kind of man I am, they feel, I can’t control her.

What type of person is Princess?

Why My Marriage To Comedienne, PRINCESS Crashed 6 Weeks After We Got Married – Ex-Husband, SHOLA JEREMIAH

She is a very nice person, but when it comes to her personal life, I don’t think anybody can control her, and she is very temperamental, and that has been my colleague fears concerning the marriage that I won’t be able to manage her but I went ahead because I believe I am not perfect too, so we should both be able to merge things up.

How long did you both date before getting married?

No, not really, when we met, we use to hang out together, and within 3 to 4 months the issue of marriage came up.

Which one of you brought out the idea of marriage?

I met Princess through Bola, who happens to be our mutual friend, and Princess was very nice, till date, but it is just that, when she starts her drama, she will be out of control. So we started dating and even travelled together. She even visit me on location, at times if she is not comfortable with the hotel they lodge us, she will change my hotel to another one. After some months her younger sister got married, that was on Valentine’s day of that year and she had already introduced me to her mum and her younger sister Yetunde, so she told me that she wanted me to be present at the wedding, so I went on Friday. After her sister’s wedding, she came up with the idea, that we should get married too at least, that we already know each other and whatever that is remaining, we will learn in the marriage, so I feel, she is more exposed compared to me, so we will not have problem in the marriage, and that was why I agreed to everything she said, and we started planning the wedding, within a short period, we got married.

So what really brought about the separation?

Why My Marriage To Comedienne, PRINCESS Crashed 6 Weeks After We Got Married – Ex-Husband, SHOLA JEREMIAH

Right from the beginning, I told her I don’t want a flambouyant wedding, but she insisted on having a big wedding, we started having issues when she wanted to be in control of everything, she even tried to screen people that I will relate with, so I told her that if you want to accept me, you have to accept me with all i have, she treated my P.A Sikiru so badly, she condemns everyone that comes around me, but I always accommodate her people, when I started complaining, she promised to change, and apologise, and anytime, we have any issue, she will just start shouting, I am more of the reserved type, and that is why I have never granted any interview, if the need arises, I will always refer people to her. Even at times, when I get a script and will want to read and digest the script, she will insist I come over and spend time with her. At a point, I got really tired of everything and I was like, the wedding plans should be put on hold, and learn more about each other, she started crying that I want to disgrace her.

They had to call my elder brother to intervene, so I was like, okay, if she still insist on the wedding arrangement, she brought the idea of Aso-ebi, in other to carry my people along, I appointed a lady from my church to sell to my people, and once she is done selling, she takes the money back to Princess, along the line, the lady had issues with people she sold clothes to and some were unable to pay, Princess took it on me, until the case was resolved and I was vindicated. Also we had issues in regards to the invites shared, I happened to be my church choir cordinator, and my choristers wanted to come and even perform and as at that time, there was no more enough invites for individual, so i told them to write their names in a sheet of paper and I will attached it to one invite and give it to the wedding planner so they can come in convoy, so the wedding planner took it to Princess, and Princess said no, she wouldn’t allow them, so I was like okay let’s wait and see what will happen, the wedding day, I quickly went to get something, on my way coming, the wedding planner called me that I need to iron that same issue out with Princess, so that those people will not face any form of embarrassment, so I called her to talk about the issue, she told me that she is very busy, that I should go to my room, so I said okay.

The next morning, I left the hotel as early as 6am to go and get the bride’s item at Ishaga, then the wedding planner called me not to forget to iron the same issue out, so when I got back, I called her to settle everything, she said food will not be enough, I told her not to bother herself about that, she still insisted and said No, and that was when I got angry, she said, if any guests is coming from my side, they should come and take permission from her, before the person can get inside, that really pissed me off, and I told her, that she can’t do that except, she wants to get married to herself. I said those people are coming and if you want to see the other side of me, don’t let them come into the venue, I now stood up, to walk out, the next thing, she grabbed my shirt from the back, tore everything the chain my friend bought for me to use for the wedding, she destroyed everything including my inner wear, that why should I say, if she is the true daughter of her mother. Despite all she did, I didn’t touch her, I only removed her hands from my clothes, I went to my room and locked myself up, her friends were there, nobody supported her for her actions, she transferred the aggression on Bola, that she was the one that linked us up, the lady was crying and begging me, I locked myself up and promised not to go for the wedding, lots of people came to talk and plead with me, even Ara, also pleaded with me. I said no, later Mrs. Fashola called me on the phone and said, she heard I was not at the venue of the wedding. that I should go and also that she is almost there. That was when I decided to go. I didn’t even bath, I just took my trouser, worn it and left. If you go through all the pictures we took for the wedding, you will notice that I was not happy at all. Even the day we went to registry, we still had issues, Princess can make calls all day, I don’t complain, but that morning, a friend called me and she started complaining that I received calls, so many drama’s like that. her mother was at our house that morning, at a point, she said, she was not going to the registry, I said no problem, later I guess her mother spoke with her and that got settled. There’s this particular problem Princess has, her mother doesn’t see any fault in anything she is doing. When we got to the registry, Mrs. Fashola’s younger sister called her and advise her that she should respect her husband and also told that even she that her elder sister is the wife of the Governor of Lagos State still bow and respect her husband, so, she should be submissive. After all the drama that happened, I told her, I was not going for any honeymoon, she had to call our counsellor to talk to me, so I listened and we went for the honeymoon even during the honeymoon, lots of things happened that I can not even disclose. We went to Gambia, Ghana, after Ghana, we were planning to go to U.K but because of what happened in Ghana, we were suppose to spend one month in Ghana we ended up spending one week, lot of things happened, and I don’t want it to look as if I want to spoil her name, so, I won’t disclose, so I made up my mind to come back to Nigeria, because if I misbehave in that place, they might arrest me. A lot of things happened in our hotel room, so I decided, it is better for us to come back home, which we did. A lot of people were surprised that we came early, I had to lie to cover up. When we got back if I don’t have anything doing, we can be indoor for a week, if I say I want to visit my friends, she won’t allow one, except we go to Ozone Cinema together, that is when I can go out, but one particular day, I told her, I was going to barb my hair, afterwards choir practice, when I got back, she started shouting that I went to see another woman.

She won’t allow any member of my family visit me but her mother has a personal bedroom in our house, her sister stays with us, even when my friends and colleagues visit me, she will say, I have to go and meet them outside, they can’t come into our house. I had to go and host my friends at eatery. When she got back from Ghana after our honeymoon, she got pregnant, later she started having sharp pain after test, we discovered it was ectopic pregnancy. All the drama continue one particular night I drank on an empty stomach and the thing disturb me, I realised the pain was unbearable, so I managed to my friend’s house and the wife happened to be a nurse, treated me, I stayed in their house althrough, my wife didn’t even bother to call, her attitude was so unbearable for me, so when I got home the following morning I told her to meet me up at her mum’s place. I called the mum, the next thing she said I should not kill her daughter. I told the mum that I was not interested in the marriage any longer, and Princess said, it’s just dawn on her that I married her for fame and wealth, so I reminded her she started with the whole wedding idea not me.

So she collected the keys to house from me, so I stayed with my friend for two weeks, then she travelled out of the country to U.K and displayed a picture of herself and a white guy holding themselves. So, I removed my wedding band, later she got back apologised for everything, she even invited me over for an event she was anchoring, initually I said no, but after so much begging, I went, when I got there I met lots of my colleagues in the industry there, like Iyabo Ojo, Niyi Johnson and many others.

We talked, my uncle also interceeded and advised me to forget everything that has happened and moved on, so I agreed. From there we both went back home together, later on I discovered that I had toilet infection because I stayed with my friend for 2 weeks before we settled again, and their toilet was not good, so I got infected. She insisted we go for general test, maybe I have sexually transmitted disease, I told her no problem, she can pick any lab she wants and I will undergo any tests she wants just to prove her wrong. At the end of it, it was confirmed at the hospital that it was a toilet infection, I was treated and all the while I was on treatment, we stayed away from each other and no sexual relationship between us.

Due to the many drama that happened between us, she severe her relationship with Bola, our mutual, at a point, Bola was producing a movie and I was to cordinate the movie, Bola called me, that they will soon start shooting the movie and they have not seen me yet, I had to explain that Princess wasn’t feeling too fine and was even admitted at the hospital, so she decided to come over just to greet her, while she was sitted there, Princess sent a message to her phone, that she does not want to see her again, so she stood up and left, I followed her to ask her question, she explained everything to me, so I was really angry and told her what she did was wrong, immediately she started shouting at me at the hospital that I want to kill her, that I invited her enemy over to kill her, the next minute, she instructed that they should call in the security to bundle me out of the hospital, we ended up creating a scene at the hospital, her mother was like, she is tired of the whole marriage issue, that if we want to go our separate ways, we should go instead of everyday drama, also that we should look at Funke Akindele, she doesn’t have so much drama in her marriage.

From there I went to location, before I got back she already invited my family members and told them that I infected her and that led to ectopic pregnancy. I told her to bring all the test results and let us calculate the time we started having sex, then it will be cleared that I never infected, her major problem was the tampax she was using for her menstrual period not me. Right in front of our family members, she said she wants me to leave her life, and that was when I question her mother, that why is she always in support of her daughter, even when she is at fault, the next thing, she got angry, and said I can’t separate her from her daughter, that I should go and ask of her at Ebute Metta, that she will use bottle and break my head, I told her, she can’t try that, immediately Princess called Panti Police Station that am threatening her life, few minutes later 5 Policemen came, my family members interceeded that it is a family issue and will be sorted out, so the Police left. I told her to get a piece of paper write that she wants me to leave her life and sign, which she did. I explained everything to my uncle, and he said I should not walk out of the marriage.

Princess attends C.S (Ayoni Movement, and I attended Celestial Church, we don’t go to the same, immediately they close from church, she will start calling me that why is my service taking so long and I will be like, you can’t keep controlling me, I will go home when am done. At a point, she said I should join her in her church, I told her things are not done that way. The main reason why I now decided to leave the marriage was that, one particular night, after our normal argument in the house, she stood to pick up something. I was just fortunate to look at her direction, she was coming towards me with a knife, then I stood up and ran, she started chasing me in the house to stab me she said, she will kill me, and nobody will question her, because she is going to say I was the one trying to kill her.

I narrowly escaped, first thing the next morning, I picked my credentials and some vital items and left the house for her. After three days she started calling, begging and crying that I should forgive her. During our harvest, she came uninvited, I was on the stage singing me money, she came and started spraying she humbled herself and greeted people, that was one thing, she doesn’t do, so I was really surprised, she also went to my Sherpherd to explain things to him and beg him to talk to me, after the service, I saw her off, she asked when I will be returning home, I told her, am not sure yet. Later, one of my cousin called me from U.S, that she has been asking me questions concerning Princess I will just say, everything is fine, but she is going to send me a link to read through what Princess said, we are divorced, that I use to beat her also, at a point I met Helen Paul while travelling out of the country, and she said the same thing, that Princess said I use to beat her. I was like Hellen Paul look at me very well, do I look or have power to beat Princess, they started laughing. I told her I have lots of my cloths that Princess torn in the process of fighting with me as a prove, so if I walk out of the marriage now, I am justified.

How true was it that you impregnated someone and that led to your marriage break up?

That is not true at all, since I left the marriage, I have been single till date and nobody had any child for me.

What year did you both get married?

2013, May to be precise and everything plus courtship lasted 6 months. The marriage lasted for 6 weeks.

Would you say cyber bullying contributed to your break up?

No, that is the true, she is just trying to justify her actions. It’s all lies if I had decided to be the wife in the marriage, then she will take up the position of the husband, the marriage would have lasted. If I can tolerate Princess till the day, she brought out knife, then I will gladly say I tried.

What were the things that attracted you to her

Why My Marriage To Comedienne, PRINCESS Crashed 6 Weeks After We Got Married – Ex-Husband, SHOLA JEREMIAH

when you first met?

Well, I use to believe that two people from the same or similar industry will understand each other more, and their marriage will last longer. I also thought she will understand better because she is more exposed compared to me, and most of her friends are male. They use to come to our house then, stay, chat till late and I never complain or have problem about that. But she dare not see me with anybody, not even my male friends.

Will it be right to say your age differences also contributed to the break-up?

She is older than me, with a year, I was already aware of everything before I agreed to the marriage. Our counsellor told her, she has ego and wants to be in control of everything.

Have you both met after the broke up?

Yes, we met at the late Moji Olaiya’s artiste’s night, she was the one that anchored the event. When I saw her I greeted her, she ignored me. I didn’t push further, to avoid drama. Also later when I wanted to start the divorce proceeding, I went to Ikoyi to get the wedding papers, later I realised she already filed for a divorce and they have been looking for me, because I stayed away from everybody when the marriage broke up for like a year.

The lawyer said I need to call to get the proceeding started, I called her, and she said if I want to talk to her, I need to come to her lawyer’s office. We met at the lawyer’s office, and we were asked why we wanted to disolve the marriage, I explained my part, the lawyer asked her if all I said was true, she said yes, the lawyer told her, it was very wrong to let her mum involve in our marriage, so the lawyer said, there’s still room for reconciliation, if we are both ready. I told the lawyer, I was willing to forgive and start all over again, if she is ready to change.

I also asked for all my belongings in her possession, wedding suit and all that, she said, she has sold everything because it was her money, I used in buying them. All the money we were given for the wedding, was kept in her account and she never gave me account of how she spent all the money till date. So we started the divorce proceeding. Then I was posted to Benin Republic for work while I was there, my MD was like I should settle back with her, I explained everything that transpired between us to him, he said now that we have separated for some years she might have changed.

So I called her and we met at Unilag, we talked at length, I invited her to my house, while the divorce was still going on. She insisted I speak to a woman in her church, the woman prayed for us, and we started seeing each other secretly again, we were told to keep it to ourselves. We started seeing each other, throughout last year. I attended her shows, she comes over to the Benin Republic to spend time with me as well, and everything was normal. I left Benin on Wednesday and I told her I will be in Nigeria on Saturday, I was at location from Wednesday, then Saturday I called her up, we both went for her show, even Mandy came, she recognised me and we told her, we are keeping it secret, Funke too was these at the show. Then during the Easter programme, I was supposed to take up a lesson at the church, she didn’t allow me go, I stayed back just to satisfy her. Then Easter Sunday, she said I should come to her place, I said I won’t be able to make it because I was supposed to sing, and my picture was on the poster for the program. I even sent the poster to her. When they even called us for the divorce proceeding, we told them, we have settled. So that Easter Sunday I got back in the evening on my way, I bought fruits and other things I greeted her, she said I should not greet her because I didn’t come on Sunday, I explained things again, the next thing, she started shouting that I should leave her life, I was so surprised, I said I thought, you have changed. It is better we face our divorce, I picked up my stuff and left. On my way, I called the counsellor and the prophetess that prayed for us, it was as if she already called the prophetess, immediately I called, she advised me to move on with my life. So I wrote the court that I won’t be able to be appearing for the proceedings because of the nature of my job, but I accept everything she says concerning the divorce.


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